Halep win by a game

FOCUS: Federer's Sam Lydemore serving.

FOCUS: Federer's Sam Lydemore serving.

Port Lincoln Tennis

Halep 6 sets 60 games def Barty 6 sets 59 games

Halep got off to a great start winning the opening three doubles, Will Hyde and Jaylen Cocks working hard in their match to win 6, 4.

Barty got their first win through the efforts of Flynn Giesberts and Chase Vanderwal who got over the line 6, 4.

In the singles Barty started pegging back the sets with Mitchell Bailey, Ella Campbell and Holly Bates getting their team back in the match.

Jayden Townsend and Bea Hyde fought hard to win in the tiebreak.

In the biggest match of the day Chase Vanderwal showed persistence to win his match in the tiebreak but it was not enough for his team who lost by one game.

Zambrero best player: Chase Vanderwal.

Djokovic 7 sets 53 games def Stosur 5 sets 49 games

Zambrero best player: Joseph Perin.

Federer 8 sets 60 games def Del Potro 4 sets 50 games

Zambrero best player: Sebastien Clem.


PL Boat Supplies 9 sets 82 games def Bendigo Bank 7 sets 67 games

In the opening doubles round Andrew Casanova and Andrew Blacker got their team off to a great start winning the opening set.

Phil Clem and Seb Henderson combined well in their match to give their team a one set advantage going into the singles.

Both teams dominated the singles with the Boat Supplies’ women winning three. Shae Lee Bateman showed determination in her match to win the tiebreak.

In the men’s singles the game of the night was between Andrew Cabot and Phil Clem. It was a sensational match with Cabot getting over the line in the tiebreak.

In the mixed doubles Bendigo Bank needed to win three sets to get home but Clem and Bernie McQullian made sure their team got home with a classy win.

Best players: Bernie McQuillan, Andrew Casanova.

PL Dental 13 sets 88 games def Yumbah Aquaculture 3 sets 50 games

Best players: Kirby White, Joseph Harris.

Sportspower Superstore 13 sets 85 games def McDonald’s 3 sets 53 games

Best players: Sally Cabot, John Easton.


Terry White Chemmart 4 sets 36 games def Shepperd Building 2 sets 30 games

In the opening round both teams managed to win a set. In the second round Ben Southam and Zac Shepperd played precision tennis to win their match.

This was matched by Dylan Giesberts and Danyon Nisbet who had to step up for Terry White Chemmart to level the scores.

In the final round Giesberts and Henderson put in a strong performance and when Chris Baird and Danyon Nisbet won in the tiebreak 10 points to 8 their team was home with the win.

Best player: Danyon Nisbet

Cruz Contractors 6 sets 36 games def EP Seafoods 0 sets 10 games

GPK Accounting won by forfeit over The Fresh Fish Place