Coming together 100 years after armistice

This Sunday Australians will come together as they do each year for Remembrance Day, but this year the event has special significance.

World War I, then known as the Great War, came to an end after the armistice was signed on November 11, 1918.

We now know this would not lead to indefinite peace, another world war would break out more than two decades later and subsequent international conflicts have occurred sporadically ever since.

Throughout it all though, Australia has had many young men and women serve and doing their country proud, many of whom would end up making the ultimate sacrifice.

This Sunday in Port Lincoln the local RSL sub branch has planned an event which will include a parade of local army, navy, CFS and St John’s Ambulance cadets as well as members of the Barngarla community.

Joining them will be members of the Regular Australian Army ‘A’ Company, 7th Battalion, Royal Australia Regiment who will be providing the guard.

The battalion is also in town to conduct a training program, Exercise Thura Yura, with local indigenous youths to help develop their resilience, leadership and teamwork skills.

This is a great example of Australian soldiers passing on the leadership skills they have learnt to the next generation, and coming together with the local community during a special time of reflection.

The Armistice Committee of Coffin Bay will also mark the occasion with a ceremony and unveiling of its Wall of Remembrance near the Gallipoli Beach turn off on the Farm Beach Road junction, near Farm Beach.

The wall remembers those who died for Australia in the “Great War”, their memory and all Australians who have fought for this country should be kept alive.

During the last four years Australia has seen many commemorative events to mark a century since Australian involvement in World War I, the Coffin Bay group themselves have put on several events.

After every war, although a big task, it was important for people to come together and try to heal, with the goal of making sure such devastation did not happen again.

This Sunday it is important for people across the community to come together to remember the service of the many brave men and women who have fought for Australia and those who now serve and showcase their leadership and bravery here and abroad.