New Lower Eyre mobile tower to be built

Lower Eyre Peninsula will receive a new phone tower early next year as Optus rolls out more phone towers across South Australia, including locations in the Black Spot Program.

Optus announced on November 14 more than 40 new sites would be built by the end of March to provide greater coverage across the state.

Eyre Peninsula sites have been announced at Puntabie and Kongwirra, near Ceduna, as well as Farm Beach.

Puntabie and Farm Beach are two sites listed as Mobile Black Spots.

Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey has welcomed the news of these new towers, which are among 12 additions for the Division of Grey.

Mr Ramsey said Optus had spent a lot in extending its network across South Australia which was good for those living in rural areas and in generating competition.

“We should recognise competition is a very good thing because it’s what gives us a more competitive price,” he said.

Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council chief executive officer Rod Pearson said the council welcomed the news of Optus providing coverage in the Farm Beach area.

“The lack of consistent mobile phone coverage across regional South Australia has been a cause for concern, and we are all aware that black spots remain,” he said.

“The provision of Optus coverage will be good news for the many visitors to this important tourist location, particularly as the area attracts so many day visitors and is quite remote from major townships.”

Mr Ramsey said another Black Spot Program round was opening up and he would aim for further extensions of the program.

“I’m pushing very hard that we we get another commitment, before the election, for the government to extend the Black Spot Program,” he said.

Optus will invest more than $23 million in building the 43 new sites, with the aim of completion by the end of March next year.

Optus chief executive officer Allen Lew said the investment reflected the company’s commitment to provide people across Australia with a premium national mobile network, with 50 per cent of new sites located in regional or rural areas.

“We want customers to have a choice when selecting their network carrier, which is why we have invested in over 70 new sites across South Australia in the last 12 months with more than 40 set to come online over the next four months,” he said.