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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

City needs its cinema

I was completely shocked to hear that our wonderful cinema Youthoria would be closing the doors on December 31.

This cinema is such a marvelous facility in our beautiful town.

The building itself is 92 years old and has such presence and history and ambiance.

It offers joy to young and old.

So many little children have a proper cinema experience there during the school holidays.

The wonderful stories told on the big screen can become lifelong memories.

Young people growing up in our rather remote community can share the same cinema experiences as city children.

For older people in the community and for women and people who live alone it is a simple, safe and economical social outing.

How many fundraisers have been shown at Youthoria?

How many diverse clubs, groups and charities have organised a film for essential funds?

It would be interesting to know just how much has been raised at this beautiful theatre.

The seating was replaced and the carpet renewed.

The cinema went digital and the sound system was upgraded.

The experience is amazing and the films that Youthoria have provided have been diverse.

I wrote to congratulate them earlier this year for providing something for various tastes and generations.

Youthoria is also to be congratulated for the training they have provided to the young people in the community.

I always find the staff friendly, courteous, happy and most efficient.

Our city needs tennis courts, football fields, sporting facilities, swimming pools for those that use them.

Artistic, cultural pursuits are also vital for the health and wellbeing of the population.

Film provides an audio-visual feast and then there is the story that can take us anywhere, opening up the world and enriching our lives.

I truly believe that Port Lincoln will be a much poorer city without a cinema.

As owners of the building, the Port Lincoln Council need to do all they can to keep it operating as a cinema, especially during the forthcoming school holidays.

Ratepayers and residents of Port Lincoln and surrounding areas should be kept informed about plans for the future of the site and for the future of cinema goers in our city.

If you, like me, wish this cinema to remain operating, please let our new council know what it means to you and our community.


Port Lincoln

Respect tax dollars

South Australians' cannot continue to sustain the massive government budget blow outs, like those exposed in the health department.

Making purchases outside of normal procurement processes, without oversight or accountability is unjustified, needs to be stopped immediately and stringent practices, which are actually observed, put in place.

Government ministers, department heads and all government employees must treat our tax dollars with greater respect and ensure that all spending is judicious and targeted to meet essential and prioritised needs.

An important, and urgent lesson should be taken from private enterprise, whereby if the same situation occurred, chief executives  and accountants would be sacked or the business declared insolvent.

Like shareholders do when public companies perform incompetently, taxpayers need to make their governments more accountable.