Roadrunners, Squaws score big wins

Port Lincoln softball


Squaws def Eagles 13-2

Eagles kept it tight in the field with only one run being scored by Alana Jantke. Quinisha Skinn made a sensational play to first base for Eagles second out and Koren Jenkins got her second K2 for the dig to retire Squaws.

Eagles got on base early with a walk to Natasha Miegal followed by a beautiful catch by Kimberly Simes that retired Hayley Wiseman to the bench.

Koren Jenkins hit a double bagger to left field followed by rising superstar Shenice Wells with a cracking hit to centerfield to score two runs home.

It was side away with Sarah Laube hitting straight to Alana Jantke who preformed the out straight to one, Eagles hit the field and went three up three down with one safe hit by Tammy King.

Squaws returned to the field shutting Eagles down by three up three down. Next had Squaws returning with a bat with their first four batters hitting safe, then a catch by Gemma Fowler at short stop to make the second out for the innings.

Ella Blewit and Alana Jantke scored in the third with Eagles sending Jennie-Lee to the bench.

Squaws kept it tight in the third with only one safe hit by Hayley Wiseman, Eagles rallied together in the fourth innings to make three up three down.

Squaws again kept Eagles scoreless in the fourth and fifth innings, as Squaws scored three safe runs in the fifth to finish the game. Best on bat and best on field: Alana Jantke.

Roadrunners def Shields 26-3

Shields started with a safe hit to Kaidy Morgan followed by a cracking home run by Liza Dela Cruz scoring the first two runs before Shields where retired by some tight fielding.

Roadrunners took to the bat scoring a whooping 13 runs as Jess Jolly pelted out a home run, before Shields tightened up the field to make their third out.

Shields’ Zoe Muller scored their first run from a hit by Holly Sheppard, as Tara Welsh also had a safe hit in the second before Shields were retired.

Roadrunners then scored 10 runs with three home runs from Airlie O’Brien, Tess Rusden and Bron Warland before side away.

Roadrunners kept it tight with three up three down before returning to bat with a home run from Lisa Yancic and safe hits from Brooke Neindorf and reliable Tess Rusden brought in another three runs for the innings.

Shields returned to the base with two quick outs before Kaidy Morgan found herself on base Liza Dela Cruz slammed it out of the ball park to centrefield before time and game was called.

Best on bat: Roadrunners: Tess Rusden (one home run). Shields: Liza Dela Cruz (two home runs).


Eagles def Squaws 11-9

Squaws started with the bat with them scoring two runs in the first innings with great infield hitting by Emma Davis and Tammy King.

Eagles newcomer Kelly Sewer found herself on base followed by Eliza Jacob, a catch by Tammy King saw Quinny Skinn head back to the bench with the Eagles tribe scoring three more safe runs by Evans, Miskin and Higgins before side away.

Second innings saw the first five batters from Squaws all hitting safe hits and scoring runs, left fielder Eliza Jacob took a catch followed by Quinny making an out at third base to retire Squaws.

Eagles only scored one in the second innings before side away from some tight infield play. Eagles returned to the field with the first three batters finding themselves to the bench.

In the third Eagles packed their bags and headed back to the bench with three outs.

The first three batters from Squaws all hit safe, a sensational double play by Quinny, Evans and Higgins to make two outs followed by a stunt catch by Mel Sewer to retire Squaws.

Eagles opened up in the fourth innings with five of their players all scoring including the Granny Higgins home run bringing Eagles’ total to 11 runs.

Best with bat: Squaws: Tammy King (one home run); Eagles: Eliza Jacob. Best in the field: Squaws: Tammy King; Eagles: Eliza Jacobs.

Roadrunners def Shields 19-1

Shields started slow with the bat seeing the first three batters sent back to the bench with the first three batters striking out.

Roadrunners faced the plate with the first three batters getting on base.

Shields made a quick out before another three batters got on base and scored runs. Before Shields rallied together to make their second out and before long retiring Roadrunners with a total of seven runs to their score.

Shields returned to bat but unfortunately were sent packing with their first three batters all out.

Roadrunners took control of the game with junior player Kahsha Judge getting safe hits to score runs.

Shields returned to the bat again with Roadrunners retiring them with three up three down.

Shields dug deep in the field to retire Roadrunners scoreless in the innings.

Shields returned to the bat with safe hits from Jane Hanley, Meegan Blackwell and PJ to score their first runs for the day before Roadrunners shut them down.

Roadrunners returned to the bat scoring eight in their final dig with a home run by Tanya Habner before time was called.

Best with the bat: Roadrunners: Tanya Habner and Kahsha Judge (two safe hits); Shields: Jane Hanley.


Eagles def Squaws 12-11

Squaws started well with the bat scoring six runs with safe hits from Acacia Boyce, Callum and Conner Rutherford.

Jakoda Skinn made two outs and a drop third strike saw Squaws retire.

The first eight batters for Eagles hit safely before some clever in-fielding retired Eagles with their first five runs for the game.

Tygh Te Wano belted it to centrefield, scoring himself a home run.

Eagles made two quick outs before the next four batters scored runs for Squaws, bringing their total to 10 before Eagles retired their side for there shot at bat.

The last innings saw Eagles batting through their entire line up before seven runs made it side away.

There was some great batting from Jesse Sewer, Billie Jenkins, Laura Miskin and Ashrah Brady.

Squaws returned to the field to get three on base following safe hits by Jayden Jenkins and Anna Te Wano. The score was reverted back due to time limits.

Roadrunners def Shields 8-2

Shields started with the bat scoring one run by Lily Muller. O’Brien, Judge, Kay and Cross all batted safe, scoring Roadrunners’ first three runs of the day.

Four batters from Shields managed to get walks to score one run for the second innings before Roadrunners tightened up in the field and shut them down.

Roadrunners scored five safe hits including a home run to O’Brien and two base hits to Cross and Kay.

Shields went back in to score seven runs before side away was called, including a home run from Lily Muller.

Best with the bat was Roadrunners’ Airlie O’Brien with one home run and best with the bat for Shields was Lily Muller with a home run.