School leavers need local opportunity

I see in the Port Lincoln Times on November 27 that 210 students on the lower Eyre Peninsula have completed year 12.

About a third (70) will find places in universities and continue studying for perhaps three to seven years, depending on the courses they take. 

So what about the remaining 140 school leavers?

Graham Mantle

Graham Mantle

Can we absorb them into the lower Eyre Peninsula workforce?  I suggest that the answer is - we have to. 

The business community and local governments have a serious weight of responsibility to find ways to employ an extra trainee or better still, an apprentice. 

Why do I encumber you, who are already finding it hard, with this responsibility?

It is because there is no one else. You are the only source of employment. There is no other. You are all we have. 

If you cannot make a place for them, either they will leave the district to find work or they will eventually learn to work the system and exist on the dole. And that is an outcome, with all that stems from it, that nobody wants. 

I can tell you of a young man who sought an apprenticeship with a firm and was told they were not putting on any more.

He said "this is the industry I want to work in and I would really like to work with your company. I promise you that if  you give me a chance, you will not regret it."

The business owner gave him the chance, apprenticed him, and the young man kept his promise. 

There are lots of young people leaving school who have that same attitude to their future right now.

They need a chance. They need to learn the disciplines associated with employment. And most of them will more than repay the opportunity you offer.

There will always be disappointments - that's life. But we live for the satisfaction of success, personal success and the reflected glory of helping in another's success.