Sowing the seeds of tourism growth

Anyone who was in Port Lincoln last Friday would have seen the large cruise ship Noordam docked in Port Lincoln, as well as a large number of people making their way to and from the wharf.

The Noordam, which made its second-ever visit to Port Lincoln, brought with it 1850 passengers and 800 crew who enjoyed fantastic weather conditions.

It was a truly international influx as among the interstate visitors were also passengers from countries including New Zealand, Canada, China and the United States.

Two international visitors were Niels Levinsen from Denmark and Justas Stasevskij from Finland (pictured), who were excited to be in Port Lincoln and in their words “see some fish”.

Making the day of these passengers so much easier was the Port Lincoln City Council’s Cruise Ship Welcome Program, which has continued to grow just as the number of visiting ships have grown.

On the wharf volunteers used signs to easily direct passengers to buses, tours or to the path to walk down to the foreshore.

Once they reached the foreshore more volunteers were able to direct them to further attractions so they could move out from the CBD and see the sights Port Lincoln has to offer.

The council is also reaching out to local businesses to set themselves up on the foreshore, just as Calypso Star Charters did on Friday, providing information and maybe attracting future customers.

The council hopes to get the most out of these influx of visitors to Port Lincoln, with another 12 visits to happen between now and March next year.

The local volunteers, on top of the people in the community, are doing their bit to show Port Lincoln as a friendly place to all visitors from around the world.

By businesses being front and centre, passengers also get an idea of what there is on offer as far as food, sights and experiences, they may not get to see it all but that would warrant a return visit.

Already 14 ships are booked for the 2019/20 season with the hope of reaching 20.

We saw on Friday how the cruise ship program has grown, and no doubt as more cruise ships come to Port Lincoln it will grow further to showcase even more about Port Lincoln and its people.