Port Lincoln Primary students show interest projects

Port Lincoln Primary School students showcased the results of their work with the school’s Interest Based Learning program.

The school has run Interest Based Learning for the first time in 2018 to reengage or challenge students in their learning.

Each student set their own goal on a project they wanted to achieve and the actions they needed to take to reach their goal.

Students showcased their projects in the school library on Monday, which included websites, a mosaic mirror and a lifesize model of a Sumatran tiger.

Teacher Gretchen Prime has worked with 13 students throughout the year and said it had been a great all-round learning experience.

“It’s not just a lesson for students, it’s a lesson for teachers in Port Lincoln Primary School on how to reengage students through their learning and links the curriculum to their interests,” she said.

Student Evan Lukin set himself the goal of creating a model showing the stars closest to Earth’s sun.

“I was interested in space and thought I could make a model of the nearby stars,” he said.

Miss Prime said the program was something that would continue at the school.

“Perhaps more mainstream classrooms can implement a similar approach,” she said.