Letters to the Editor

Reduce black spots

Scott Morrison and his government need to spend more money on communication networks in regional Australia to get rid of all black spots.

For years, the government has been telling country people that they are improving our services but on almost every road we travel, there are always dead spots where we have no phone signal or internet reception, and it is not getting better. In fact, it is getting worse.

Why do we need phone service? Well, kids need to play games on their phones when travelling long distances so they don’t drive their parents crazy.

But seriously, if the car breaks down, hits a kangaroo or has another accident, how can an ambulance, or police, or fire unit or local mechanic be called? That’s right, they can’t!

They are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no way of contacting anyone and this could end up with serious injury or even death if there is no medical help.

So that’s why black spots need to be reduced on Australian roads and Sco Mo needs to stop wasting money and start using it on our phone communication to make sure country people are safe.


Year 5, Lock Area School

Reduce truck speed limits

I think that there should be a decreased limit for trucks because the truck drivers are steaming across the road as if they are a small car.

A decreased limit would also stop car drivers being distracted by trucks that fly past them.

Trucks should drive slower because they are a lot bigger than cars, cars should be allowed to go faster than trucks.


Year 5, Lock Area School

Speed concern

I am concerned about trucks speeding on our roads.

I think we need signs for trucks to remind them about their speed limit when they are going places.

It is important because truck drivers need to be safe and so do other people.


Year 4, Lock Area School

More sustainability

This year my class has been learning about sustainability and I believe that newspapers should have more articles about sustainability.

I was hoping that you could add more articles about sustainable options.

Like encouraging people to have a day of the week where they use no plastic (like how our class has No Plastic Thursday) or ask people to stop using plastic straws to save marine life and landfill.

Thank you, I hope you consider these ideas.


Year 5, Lock Area School

Power question

I would like to know why our power always goes out when there is lightning.

I live on a farm near Lock with my mum and dad and every time there is a storm it happens.

I can’t watch TV or do my homework on the internet. I can’t see in the dark.

So I would like to know why the power goes out when there’s lightning and if there is someone who can fix the problem.


Year 3, Lock Area School

Scary road experience

I know that trucks are going too fast in the harvest season.

They are swerving all over the road and it is very dangerous.

I was driving behind a truck and it was so scary!

I believe that trucks should stick to the speed limit.


Year 4, Lock Area School

Christmas Tree time

The Lock Christmas Tree is coming!

There will be fun! There will be a bouncing castle! There will be face painting and markets.

Children can come and see Santa and have fun. It is on December 8.

Support your community and I hope to see you there.


Year 5, Lock Area School

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Web words

Port Lincoln welcomed the first cruise ship of the 2018/19 season on December 30 with people sharing their experiences with some of Port Lincoln’s visitors.

We had many come to Woolworths. It was great to speak with people from around the world and hear how much they loved their stopover in Port Lincoln.


Yuppas sure did. One lady was from Missouri, USA.


I was a bus driver and I love picking up and meeting so many different people from all over the world and the weather was just perfect today too.


We had fun with cruise ship passengers today who walked along Book Lovers Lane to the Book Bazaar. More complimentary entries in our visitors book too and lots of books sold.

​Eyre Peninsula Book Bazaar