Nannygai good offshore

The holidays are getting close, summer is here and we have had the odd day of calm winds and sunshine.

It sounds like we should all be getting out and having a fish.

A lucky few of us have and here are the reports.


Mulloway reports are coming in with most crew heading up west doing well enough to come home happy.

Fish size has not been huge, but most are averaging from 20 to 60 pounds, with plenty of undersized fish also being caught.

Yalata camping area and Dog Fence seem to be the go to locations for the best of luck.

Squid continues to be the gun bait, especially when there is a weather change coming or going.


Boaties reported that King George whiting caught in the Farm Beach area were around the 30-40 centimetre range.

There are also a few sand crabs around at the moment.

Inside Coffins, King George are in decent numbers, but they are the usual just over or just undersize.

However a few larger fish have been caught in amongst the smaller ones.

Offshore boaties have been catching good numbers of nannygai and blue morwong on the closer reefs.

On the reefs out further, there have been some good samson fish to 134cm caught along with silver trevally to 55cm and plenty of nannygai and ocean jackets.

There are also some kingfish mixed in with the samsons.

Tuna have been caught just out from Reef Head, Point Sir Isaacs and around Greenly, but they are not there in big numbers yet.

Average size would be five to 10 kilograms.

Look for the warmer water (18 plus degrees) and diving birds for the best chance.


The occasional King George whiting had been caught from the town jetty, with fish size being around the 40cm mark.

King George reports also came from land based anglers fishing from the wharf, yacht club, Axel Stenross and the North Shore.

Kingfish are being seen from many locations including the town jetty, wharf, marina, Proper and Porter bays.

Fish size is averaging around the 50 – 70cm range with the odd one around one metre being seen.

Kingfish were generally very timid and were only hooked on a few occasions.

Even for lucky anglers managing to hook into one, landing fish was a common problem, with many anglers being rubbed off on pylons or other structure.

Tuna were confirmed swimming within the wharf area during the past week but seem to have disappeared since.

They did not seem super interested in biting but certainly gave anglers an exciting experience throwing baits and lures at them.


Some good snook have been landed at night inside the Arno Bay marina.


The jetty has seen plenty of action during the past week, with many different species being caught during the past week.

Big slimy mackerel, snook, big squid and kingfish were all caught from the jetty during day and night fishing sessions.

Reports from the group have been depressing on the King George whiting front.

Most anglers reported spending a lot of time out there for not many fish this week.

Probably due to the small tides and weather.