Space industry coming to our doorstep

This week saw the announcement of some interesting news that proved to be “out of this world”.

Lame pun aside the Eyre Peninsula looks set to be home of the first rocket launching facility in Australia.

As covered in this week’s story, Southern Launch will build its orbital launch facility at Whalers Way, which is set to be up and operational by the end of 2019.

The site seems to tick all the required boxes, including a nearby city or town with a harbour and airport to allow for the transport of satellites or rocket parts to the location, as well as a site that was clear of major air traffic corridors and ensured safety to the people and the environment.

Premier Steven Marshall is confident the project would drive the space industry in South Australia as well as create jobs and stimulate the economy.

There would no doubt be a flow-on effect for Port Lincoln and this could very well mean a boost for local employment and the local economy.

This is something different for the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia has been aiming to bring more technological industries to the state and this region looks like playing a big part in all of this.

This site will bring national and international companies to the region to launch rockets and satellites which will fly up to serve their purpose in our atmosphere.

There will be those who have concerns about something like this being built in the region and would want to find out more about what the benefits truly are for the region, is there any unforeseen danger and if there is an impact to the environment.

Southern Launch is committing to public consultation so the local community will get an opportunity to find out more.

The company is also seeking approvals, including from the Australian Space Agency, and was working on its environmental assessment.

The world is ever increasingly depending on the use of technology and satellites are a big part of that.

For Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula to play a part in this, as the only rocket launching facility in Australia, is a big deal.

In time the wider community will find out more but in the meantime it is an exciting development for the region, which will serve as a technological gateway to space.

As for those with concerns, refer to what is inscribed on the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic”.