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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Save the railway

This country is on the skids.

Close the railway?

Are you mad? It is a joke right?

Who n the name of sanity thought this would be a good idea?

Already damaged roads cannot accommodate more trucks or carry any more of anything.

Try putting trucks/tandem trailers on already congested roads at harvest time, add a few caravans often travelling together, and be prepared for one hell of a mess and a death or two or three.

During the depression many jobless men were put to work on the railways opening up the country.

In view of the current joblessness perhaps it can happen again it has been a life line over many years. 

Billions of dollars are used in the city on frivolous road/rail works. Squandered on forgettable projects.

Political decisions make life difficult enough.

If you value the agricultural contribution to the country take a deep breath, stop, and think and save the railways.



Not progress

Mining on our farms,nuclear waste dump, oil rigs in the Bight, desalination plant at Sleaford and now a rocket launching site at Whalers Way. 

What is happening to our beautiful unspoiled West Coast? 

This is not progress.


Port Lincoln

Catastrophic Nuclear

No nuclear plant anywhere is responsibly viable.

Literally dumping nuclear waste and try to forget is not ethical either.

Fision: Bill Gates likes it but he will go bankrupt when ever held accountable for its nuclear waste alone.

Fusion: costs more energy than it produces whilst also costing ‘billions and billions’. How ‘stupid’ could any energy policy really get as better investment opportunities in viable and ethical energy alternatives are lost.

Many nuclear sufferings like the Russian military (hero) helicopter pilots never to return home, experienced aftermath health and birth defects, anxieties, all related health sufferings, farmers’ and economic losses, and the quickly pulled media report of France’s nuclear fire and roof blow early 2018 have all been forgotten.

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report (2016, page 57) states: “… nuclear power is not viable...”

The World Nuclear Association states: all external costs are accounted for (“over 60 per cent at least”) but those government expenditures “are effectively sunk”, meaning an instant loss to society.

Further government(s) must support nuclear as well accept all future liabilities after operation; all necessary to make nuclear only seem economically viable somehow with assistance of greenhouse emission tax frameworks.

Concrete is one greenhouse emission polluter but not accounted for when a nuclear plant or a nuclear waste facility to misrepresent nuclear, emitting apparently 0 per cent.

No future liabilities exist for any within the WNA, Lloyds of London, or any nuclear operator.

The nuclear political framework: catastrophic nuclear indeed, as Einstein stated.


Port Lincoln

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