Changes to snapper rules

CATCH: Natasha Bell with a 57cm kingfish caught from the town jetty on a hand line and a cockle as bait.

CATCH: Natasha Bell with a 57cm kingfish caught from the town jetty on a hand line and a cockle as bait.

For those few that haven’t heard, the government (with consultation with PIRSA, SARDI, Pro and recreational fishing representatives) have made some changes to the Snapper fishing rules.

If you aren’t aware of them, please visit the PIRSA website for details. The big changes are that the wrecks in the Spencer Gulf are closed until December 15, 2019. A four kilometre radius around them is now banned for all Snapper fishing and be aware that you cannot possess snapper within that 4km radius area. Of course this may not help much, as no one has told the Snapper about the changes.

Now for what was biting and where!

West Coast -

Still plenty of reports of good Mulloway being caught up in the far west. Most anglers are catching fish, and plenty of PBs are being landed. Sounds like the year to be up there.

Offshore from Ceduna and Scaeles Bay has seen some tuna landed. Most fish are in the 10-15Kg range, but there are plenty around.

Elliston, Sheringa, Locks Well are fishing well for schools of Salmon and Venus Bay has seen some good Whiting captures in the last few weeks.

Coffin Bay –

Inside Coffin Bay has been fairly quiet on the Whiting front. There are fish there, but a lot of undersized ones.

Farm Beach has been the pick of the areas for a variety of good table fish this week. Good numbers of 30-34cm King George Whiting, Flathead, Squid and Flounder have all been landed by anglers using squid and pilchard baits.

Offshore has seen some Tuna to 20Kg caught around Sir Isaacs, the 4 Hummocks and Reef head.

Bottom bouncing and jigging offshore has also seen some big Blue Morwong, Snapper, Nannygai, Gummy and School sharks and some big Kingfish landed.

Port Lincoln –

Squid continue to keep most anglers happy, although one lucky person managed to catch a 12kg tuna whilst trolling around the end of the main wharf!

For more consistent catches of tuna, try around Williams Island, Neptune Islands or the Cabbage Patch.

The Passage has been producing nice sized Blue Morwong, Nannygai, Gummy sharks and the odd Snapper.

Port Neill/Arno Bay -

The Port Neill Jetty has been producing some squid and snook after dark.

In close at Arno Bay, the Whiting have been hard to locate, but are there if you try moving around a bit.

Tumby Bay -

The group has produced some good catches of big whiting, but has been pretty slow going, some anglers report taking most of a day to get close to their bag limit.

Tumby Jetty continues to produce a great variety of fish. Squid, Slimey mackerel, snook, garfish and the odd yellowfin whiting have all been reported this week.

Silver trevally and some salmon trout have been caught in the marina.

Cowell –

Plenty of Blue swimmer crabs have been caught along with some good squid and a few snapper.