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Cinema needs community support

Congratulations to the new managers of the Lincoln Cinema.

How fortunate we are to have someone with courage, passion, and understanding of how important access to big screen entertainment is for communities.

When West Coast Youth and Community Services announced the closure of Youthoria Cinema many people expressed their disappointment on Facebook, yet only a few people bothered to contact our local MP Peter Treloar, or the Port Lincoln City Council. Why the complacency?

Ranting on Facebook may be a place to start the discussion, but more direct action is required to make a difference.

We know that going to the cinema isn’t for everyone, but neither is using the leisure centre, participating in sporting activities or watching cars racing around the streets.

Communities need access to a range of entertainment and cultural options and experiences.

Now that we have a second chance - let’s not be complacent!

Give Netflix the flick and see a latest release on a big screen, support the local movie fundraisers, take the children and grandchildren to see more movies, get a group of friends together for a meal and a movie, start a ‘Friends of the Cinema’ group.

Clubs and community groups can do their bit and promote upcoming movies, have more movie fundraisers, provide movie tickets as prizes, partner with businesses for meal and movie deals and give family and friends movie vouchers for gifts.

This is a huge business venture and the whole community, including the local council needs to support it to ensure it has long term success.

Lincoln Cinema - ‘May the force be with you!’


Port Lincoln

Climate change opinion

I am amazed but not surprised at how far teachers have gone in ‘enlightening’ our young people into believing their political and socialist ideology supporting the issue of climate change.

I believe our climate has been changing for thousands of years.

LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Recently huge numbers of students demonstrated, condemning politicians for not acting in response to climate change.

One 11-year-old student claimed “I feel lots of fear, soon there could be no such thing as Antarctica and no such thing as polar bears.” 

However a British Antarctic survey says the snow is increasing, not melting, polar bears are not vanishing.

Professor Susan Crockford, a expert of polar bears says that over the past decade their numbers have increased from 22,500 to 28,500.

The lies, hypocrisy and deceit presented in Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is used in schools and universities throughout the world thus making him a billionaire.

Demonstrating students should realise coal fired electricity powers their schools and $60 million a year coal exports help to pay for their teachers’ salaries. 

Chief climate scientist Alan Finkel admits we could stop all Australia’s emissions by eliminating fuel powered cars, shutting every power station and the effect on the climate would still be virtually minimal. 

In this age of political correctness I believe we are verging on the edge of national insanity.



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