Always inspiring to hear recipients’ stories

As we head into the new year, most of us start by making a few new year’s resolutions. Things that we vow to take on in 2019 or to leave behind in 2018.

But instead of resolving to lose weight, drink more water or exercise more perhaps there are things we can do which will make the places we live even better than before. 

Two local people who already make such contributions are this year’s Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council citizen and young citizen of the year, Ingrid Kennerley and Charlie Buddle (pictured).

It is always exciting to learn who has been selected for each of the Australia Day awards and the recipients are always deserving. 

Mrs Kennerley volunteers with a number of local groups including the Cummins swimming pool, Great Flinders Football League and the Cummins District Community Bank and has been a mental health advocate in her community. 

She says in today’s story that her parents set a strong example for community involvement and it has clearly rubbed off. 

Award recipients always have inspiring and motivating stories, not because of the recognition or the awards themselves, but because the work they do is a sacrifice of their own time for the greater good. 

While volunteering is not exclusive to regional communities it is a competitive advantage.

Our volunteers get things done that other places cannot and it makes our towns better places to live. 

And the Eyre Peninsula has a good track record when it comes to volunteering.

According to the Regional Australia Institute more than 34 per cent of Lower EP District Council residents aged 15 years and over volunteer, in Port Lincoln 23.7 per cent volunteer and 39.2 per cent volunteer in the Tumby Bay District Council area.

Young citizen of the year Charlie Buddle’s love of sport has turned into so much more and his work with sporting groups like the Yallunda Flat Cricket Club is a valuable contribution.

Volunteers are lifeblood of local sporting clubs, Charlie clearly recognises this and is doing something about it.

His effort sets an outstanding example for his peers and it goes a long way in ensuring the sports and clubs  he loves remain.

Good luck with deciding on your new year’s resolutions and here is to another prosperous and successful year for regional communities.