Quality Wool Cup 2019 | GALLERY

Under 14 cricket players from across Eyre Peninsula gathered in Port Lincoln on Thursday and Friday to take part in the eighth annual Quality Wool Cup.

Matches were played at Centenary Oval, Ravendale, Poole Oval and Port Lincoln Primary School oval.

Thursday saw warm conditions throughout while Friday was overcast in the morning before becoming sunny in the afternoon.

Here is some of the action across the two days.


Thursday – January 3

Le Hunte 2/142 def Far West 4/107

Tumby Bay Dolphins 2/109 def Lincoln Great Whites 8/85

Great Flinders Lions 7/106 def Eastern Eyre 7/92

Kimba Cats 5/90 def by Lincoln Tuna Kings 3/95

Le Hunte 8/130 def Kimba Cats 10/99

Great Flinders Lions 6/119 def Lincoln Great Whites 5/110

Lincoln Tuna Kings 7/107 def Eastern Eyre 6/96

Tumby Bay Dolphins 4/72 def by Far West 4/89

Friday – January 4

Le Hunte 4/96 def Tumby Bay Dolphins 8/78

Great Flinders Lions 7/126 def Kimba Cats 10/78

Lincoln Tuna Kings 7/66 def by Far West 2/67

Lincoln Great Whites 4/82 def Eastern Eyre 10/70

Kimba Cats 3/115 def Eastern Eyre 10/75

Lincoln Great Whites 6/104 def by Far West 2/107

Great Flinders Lions 8/108 def by Le Hunte 3/109

Award winners

Fielding: Bryce Hammond (Lincoln Tuna Kings; 11 points).

Bowling: Toby Baker (Le Hunte; five wickets, 5.2 runs per wicket).

Batting: Connor Madden (Lincoln Great Whites, 83 runs).