Science in the Pub comes to Port Lincoln

Science in the Pub, a free community event previously held in towns on the Lower Eyre Peninsula has now reached the city of Port Lincoln.

Presentations are set to begin this year covering everything from sports to rocket science, with events to be held on the first Tuesday of every month beginning in February. 

Local Event Coordinator Scott Daley said he was excited to bring science presentations to Port Lincoln and host them in a relaxed environment.

“We are really excited to facilitate these events, and believe it will become a fantastic ongoing event for our community,” he said.

“We have already received lots of positive feedback about the upcoming events.”

Events are organised to go for an hour earlier in the evening, in order to allow the events to remain student and child friendly. 

“Whilst these presentations are aimed at our community as a whole, I believe these could be of special interest to high school students who are contemplating their future study and career plans,” said Mr Daley. 

Shaun Thomas, a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teacher at the Port Lincoln High School said they were keen to support the presentations, even though it isn’t a school event. 

“We’ve just opened our new STEM facility here so it fits in well with what we’re doing at the school,” he said.

“It can be a great extra-curricular event for parents and students to attend….it can help to educate students to prepare them for the workforce and tertiary education,” he said. 

The first event is about sports psychology with Dr Michele Lastella, a sports psychology researcher and lecturer from CQ University.

Dr Lastella is flying to Port Lincoln especially for the presentation, and will cover topics such as motivation, visualisation and goal setting. 

Future events will include topics such as geology, medical information technology, engineering, astronomy,  the science of wine making, environmental science and rocket science, which comes after the announcement of the rocket launching facility at Whaler’s Way.

The first event, held on February 5, will be at the Grand Tasman Hotel. 

For more information and events, visit the Port Lincoln Science in the Pub Facebook page.