Big gar at Murrays Point

KING GEORGE: Piper Gotch from Darwin with a nice sized King George whiting.

KING GEORGE: Piper Gotch from Darwin with a nice sized King George whiting.

Hopefully all of our readers had a safe and happy new year’s and made a new year’s resolution to go fishing more often.

Here is this weeks report.


Tuna to 15 kilograms have been reported from the Scaele Bay area.

There are a lot of fish there not far from shore.

Elliston, Locks Well and plenty of the other beaches in the area are holding schools of salmon to 4kg.


Farm Beach boaties seem to be returning the best results, with most managing to find a decent feed.

The best results seemed to come from anglers fishing in around 45 feet of water for Farm Beach, whilst Gallipoli seemed to have the best results in around 30 feet of water.

Offshore boaties fishing around Sir Isaacs reported good numbers of snapper and nannygai, with one nannygai reportedly measuring 60cm. 

Best results seemed to come from anglers anchoring up and using berley.

The odd big King George whiting was also caught in the same areas.

Tuna sightings around Sir Isaacs seemed to have slowed slightly, with minimal fish reported.

Rocky Island fished well for kingfish measuring up to the 120cm mark.

A few tuna were also caught around Rocky.

Greenly Island and Hummocks had solid reports of tuna of mixed size.


The Cabbage Patch had reports of samson fish along with some decent numbers of tuna.

Tuna were caught up to around 21kg in the Thistle Island area, with most fish sighted and caught on the southern side of the island.

Schools of salmon are being sighted around Williams Island, with fish size being the best part of five kilograms, maybe even more.

Tuna and kingfish have been reported under these schools, so maybe try a deep diver or drop a jig through the salmon to see what is there.

Big garfish and tommies were reported from Murrays Point, along with some good numbers of squid.

Blue crabs still seem to be on the slower side, with many anglers trying their hardest with only a few managing to bag out.

Try tuna processors, Spalding Cove and the Limani/Stenross area for best results.


Plenty of snapper and whiting are being caught in close and out wide.

Remember that fishing on the wrecks has been banned for the whole year.


The Group has been hit and miss for anglers chasing King George whiting, with most struggling to wrangle a feed together.

The foreshore has been rather consistent in holding good sized schools of yellowfin whiting, with best results coming from anglers chasing them at night.


Still plenty of blue swimmer crabs up there, as well as a few yellowfin whiting.