Common sense on energy is lacking

When the Marshall Liberal gained government, I was hopeful they might develop an energy policy that made sense.

They haven’t.

They have stayed with Labor policy with its emphasis on the renewables (sun and wind) with pumped hydro and battery storage.

That’s the same suite of technologies that Sanjeev Gupta proposes for the huge development plans he has for Australia (South Australia).

Obviously, all Australian governments, state and federal, and Sanjeev Gupta, are unaware of the fiscal, social and environmental disaster the renewables have been world wide since their introduction 30 years ago.

They have cost the world $2.3 trillion in subsidies for 2.8 per cent of its electricity and zero emissions reduction.

Most northern hemisphere countries (US,UK, EU, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada etc) fell victim to that renewables debacle but have now stopped subsidising them.

They’ve turned to coal and nuclear to generate a reliable, affordable, emissions-free (nuclear) supply of base load electricity.

And most countries now understand that man made CO2 is not the driver of climate.

The sun drives climate.

That’s why they’re reviving coal for their future base load supply.

While the rest of the world scales back on the renewables, Australia is foolishly persisting with them and has now embarked on a renewables binge which the aforementioned countries have, to their great regret and enormous cost, already suffered.

It’s time Australia understood that the renewables have never, nor will they ever provide base load electricity for modern western economies, including Australia.

Unfortunately, we’re now on track, especially in SA, and at great cost, to repeat the renewables debacle suffered by the rest of the world.

Blame for that can be laid squarely on both of SA’s ignorant and ill-informed Liberal and Labor governments who have studiously ignored the damage done to the world by the renewables.

It is now bordering on the tragic as the misguided Marshall government persists with the absurd energy policy of the former Labor government.

Like the rest of the world, we need to wake up and turn the renewables off and nuclear on.