Glen-Forest opens new maze

The new $200,000 maze at the Glen-Forest tourist park has opened its door in time for visitors and tourists to try and find their way these summer holidays.

The maze, constructed out of 70 tonnes of termite resistant Cypress Pine and 50,000 bugle screws, features five towers and removable sections which are able to be shuffled around to create six different maze variations.

Glen-Forest and Lincoln Estate Wines manager Kym Turvey said it had “been in the pipeline” for the last five or six years, with construction beginning in September and finishing in late December.

“It’s been great, I’d say our numbers are up 20 to 25 per cent from last year and that means we can help create local jobs and continue upgrades,” he said.

“We’re looking to change the maze path on average every school holidays or there about.”

The maze was architecturally designed by renowned English designer Adrian Fisher, who has developed more than 700 mazes in 36 countries since 1979.

Mr Turvey said the maze was wheel-chair accessible, with future toilet upgrades to help make the park even more accessible.

“Lots of people have been getting lost in the maze, but the draw card is it allows the family to enjoy the activity all together,” he said.

As the maze was built with the support of a $193,750 Regional Development Fund grant an opening before Christmas was held for government, tourism, local council and other operator representatives in the region.