Clarke sculpts 12-tonne sand sculpture

Dion Clarke spent the first days of 2019 working on a 12-tonne sand sculpture alongside one of Australia’s best sand sculptor’s Peter Redmond.

The Port Lincoln man was one of six artists chosen to participate in a free masterclass workshop with Mr Redmond, who he said was “Australia’s leading sand sculpture”.

Mr Clarke said he was only meant to be in the masterclass, before he found himself helping to create the large installation alongside one of the nation’s top sculptor’s.

“I’ve been sculpting for about five years…I learnt all of it from Youtube initially,” he said.

“It was 47 degrees on the first day and we spent six days building it, with mostly 12-hour days.”

Mr Clarke said sculpting was mostly trial and error but that sand quality had an affect on the end product.

“It was fantastic, it’s all about perception and the fact that you don’t always draw what you see,” he said on what he learnt.

“The detail in it is amazing…we’re hoping it stays there until Easter.”

The 12-tonne artwork features on Streaky Bay’s foreshore at Campbell’s Landing as part of the towns ‘visible’ campaign showcasing collaborative artwork.

“If you add stuff on after the fact it goes lighter and you can manipulate the colour with the amount of water mixed in,” he said.

“It was definitely worth it, but I still need heaps of practice.”

The local resident said he hoped events in the area opened up to the idea of a large scale sand sculpting competition.