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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Response to uneducated rant

If anybody out there is even considering taking Hedley Sholz’s diatribe seriously (Port Lincoln Times, January 3), please let me point out one thing.

There are no and never have been polar bears in Antarctica.

I thought that dinosaurs were extinct too, but there is obviously at least one alive at Eudunda.



Don’t waste tax dollars

Governments and oppositions need to change their thinking when it comes to budget expenditure.

A government's expenditure on programs and services is determined by the revenue which they collect or the level of debt which they are prepared to service.

Mr Malinauskas, SA opposition leader, recently defended the operation of public transport and attacked our current government’s attempts to rein in costs, by stating that it was a service "and that it was not expected to run at a profit”.

This approach to government expenditure cannot be sustained, particularly when our current net debt is $4.9 billion.

It is time for our government to prioritise spending, focus on essential services, eliminate wasteful expenditure and develop and introduce budgets which are financially responsible.

These deficits can only be reduced or eliminated, by reining in expenditure or further increasing taxes, rates, levies and charges.

Long suffering taxpayers would prefer the former.



Sign of the times

The Tanunda Foodland supermarket smiley fritz slip and cessation scandal highlights the collision between past and present.

Nothing could be more South Australian than butchers giving kids a free piece of fritz with a pressed smile - my kids love it - but the fun police have taken the treats away.

Lawyers and insurers deserve some blame, but at its heart, some people fail to take responsibility for their own safety.

I grew up defying death on the Monash playground, scoffing onion on my sausage in bread and knowing it’s unsafe to go near cliffs, swim unprotected in the Murray - and that there’s nuts in my nuts.

It’s a miracle we survived our childhoods.

We’re the mugs that pay for stupidity and a litigious, insurance culture in higher premiums, rates, taxes, prices and lost freedoms.

Worse still, we’re having less fun.


Australian Conservatives SA Senate candidate

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