Eagles win nail-biter

Port Lincoln softball

SPEED: Hayley Wiseman pitching for Eagles in the A grade.

SPEED: Hayley Wiseman pitching for Eagles in the A grade.


SHOT: Roadrunners' Charmaine Cross takes a swing.

SHOT: Roadrunners' Charmaine Cross takes a swing.

Eagles def Squaws

GAME: Tigers' Stacey Smith pitching to Roadrunners batter Lisa Yancic.

GAME: Tigers' Stacey Smith pitching to Roadrunners batter Lisa Yancic.

This game was always going to be exciting and it went right down to the end of the sixth innings.

Eagles batted first and young Gemma Fowler showed the way with a safe hit to right field.

FACE OFF: Squaws Alana Jantke keeps a close eye on Souths Gemma Fowler.

FACE OFF: Squaws Alana Jantke keeps a close eye on Souths Gemma Fowler.

Mary McCarthy followed her lead with a safe hit to left field and suddenly Eagles had two runs on the board.

Alana Jantke prevented any more scoring with a strike out.

Eagles’ pitcher Hayley Wiseman was keen not to be outdone by Jankte and struck out two Squaws batters, with only Jantke recording a safe hit.

The next three Eagles’ innings did not result in any runs being scored.

Jankte found her range and struck out batters and was well supported in the field.

Eagles’ third dig saw a brilliant double play performed by Squaws with good catching and throwing by left fielder Claire Norsworthy.

Squaws were unable to score in their second dig, thanks to brilliant Wiseman pitching and a Koren Jenkins catch.

It took an Alana Jankte safe hit to enable Squaws to register their first run of the game.

The fourth innings was scoreless for both sides although Squaws’ young gun Eliza Jacob had a safe hit to center field.

Wiseman combined well with her first base Natasha Miegel to get two outs, the other out being a strike out.

Eagles were leading by a solitary run heading into the fifth innings but the big hitting Koren Jenkins blew the game open with a sensational home run hit to left field.

Wiseman was also able to get home on the Higgins homer to give the Eagles the lead by three runs.

But Squaws were not about to surrender without a fight.

Tammy King got into the home run spirit and smashed a ball to centre field, which allowed Jankte to cross the home plate.

Squaws were trailing by one run with one dig to go.

The sixth innings was again dominated by the fielding team.

No batter was able to lay bat on ball and the game ended with brilliant fielding by Eagles’ McCarthy.

Best at bat: Eagles: Koren Higgins (two from four including one home run); Squaws:  Alana Jankte (three from three), Tammy King (one from three, one home run).

Best in field: Eagles: Hayley Wiseman (eight strike outs, two assists); Natasha Miegel (four assists); Squaws: Alana Jankte (four strike outs), Claire Norsworthy (two outs).

Roadrunners 33 def Shields 0 

This was a game dominated by two areas; Roadrunners’ power batting and the brilliant pitching of Jess Jolly, who very nearly pitched the perfect game.

Roadrunners batted first and in a rare feat, all nine batters had safe hits.

Lead bat, Tessa Rusden got things started with a double bagger hit to left field.

All other runners had safe hits which allowed Roadies’ runners to keep crossing the home plate.

Shields’ tried hard and eventually got the required three outs, with good fielding by Holly Shepperd on first base and a great outfield catch by PJ Weisz.

However, by then Roadies had scored an impressive 10 runs.

Shields were hoping for some strong batting and their lead batter Kaidy Morgan did not disappoint, she absolutely smashed a ball to right field and made it to first base.

But unfortunately that is where the Shields’ batting joy finished, and the Jolly pitching show began.

The next three batters were struck out, leaving Morgan stranded at first.

Shields were hoping their pitcher Liza Delacruz would be able to emulate Jolly’s feat, but unfortunately the Roadrunners batting was too strong.

Safe hits were made by most batters but the highlight was a brilliant home run struck to centre field by the talented Amelia Rusden.

Just to show how much of a talented all-round softballer she is, Jolly smashed a home run to left field.

Shields continued to work hard in the field, with catches taken by Zoey Muller and Kaidy Morgan, before Stacy Smith and Holly Shepperd combined to claim the third out.

Shields’ second dig highlighted Roadrunners’ talented fielding, with Brooke Neindorf showcasing her skill with a fantastic double play.

After two completed innings, with the score 24-0, the young Shields team showed great fighting qualities in Roadies’ next dig, limiting them to just one run.

Another Kaidy Morgan catch claimed the first out and then Jodi Bellchambers fielded well to send the next two Roadrunners’ batters out, Roadies only crossing for one run.

Shields’ third dig was three up, three down as Jolly continued her blistering game, supported well in the field by Lisa Yancic.

The highlight of the Roadrunners’ fourth innings was provided by none other than Jess Jolly who smashed her second home run.

All Roadies’ batters had safe hits, with the loudest cheer going up for young Kahsha Judge.

Playing in her first A grade game Kahsha smashed a safe hit left field.

Kahsha got to first then with help from her team mates, got home, much to the joy of her mother Bronwyn Warland, who then followed Kahsha into bat.

More good out fielding by Morgan saw Shields get the three outs, but not before Roadrunners had crossed for eight more runs, bringing their total to 33.

Shields’ last dig followed the same pattern, three in, three out as Jolly struck out the last batter to end the game.

Best at bat: Roadrunners: Jess Jolly (four from five, two home runs), Amelia Rusden (five from six, one home run), Jess Cave (four from four); Shields: Kaidy Morgan (one from two).

Best in field: Roadrunners; Jess Jolly (eight strike outs), Lisa Yancic (two outs); Shields: Kaidy Morgan (three outs), Holly Shepperd (two outs).


Squaws 17 def Eagles 12

The Christmas break did not diminish the skills on display in this game and the delicious Christmas food may have added some power to the hits in this high scoring and highly entertaining game.

It took Suzy Scanlon a couple of batters to find her rhythm but when she found it she struck out two batters and enticed a fly ball to be hit to Kayla Perry who took the catch.

Safe hits to Sarah Laube and Melissa Sewer, and good base running from the other batters saw Eagles score three runs.

When the first two Squaws batters were out, it looked like three up, three down for Eagles.

But Tianna Boyce had other ideas, smashing a home run to left field.

Safe hits to Kayla Perry and Jen Tom helped Squaws score seven first innings runs.

Eagles second dig saw them score three times, with safe hits to Quinisha Skinn and Melinda Miskin.

Good Squaws fielding and catching by Tianna Boyce at first and Sarah Mundy at third finished the innings.

Another seven-run innings from Squaws saw them take a decisive eight-run lead into the final innings.

These seven runs were scored from big double bag safe hits to Emma Davies and Claire Norsworthy, while Becky Kemp had a super safe hit to third base.

With one innings left it was going to take a super Eagles effort to win and they gave it a red-hot go.

Another Skinn safe hit, as well as hits to Sam Higgins, Ashrah Brady, Lara Evans and Laura Miskin saw Eagles double their score.

But with 12 runs they just fell short of the Squaws tally.

Squaws last innings was dominated by the two experienced players, Suzy Scanlon who smashed a huge left field home run and Sharon Kemp, who followed Scanlon’s lead with a beautiful double-bagger also to left field.

A catch by Sarah Laube ended the game with Squaws running out winners.

Best at bat: Eagles: Quinisha Skinn (two from three); Squaws: Suzy Scanlon (two from four, one home run), Becky Kemp (three from four).

Best in field: Eagles: Melissa Sewer (three outs); Squaws: Suzy Scanlon (two strike outs, three assists), Tianna Boyce (three outs).

Roadrunners v Shields

Roadrunners needed to play some juniors to cover for some extended holiday absentees.

However young guns Kahsha judge, Kiara Newman and Siann Cross showed great potential.

Roadrunners batted first and Shields’ pitcher Danielle Miegel got them off to the perfect start striking out the first batter.

Miegel also struck out two more Roadies’ batters, but not before Winnie Hill smashed a triple-bagger to centerfield and Roadies crossed the home plate four times.

Shields’ first dig saw new B grade pitcher Jess Cave have an immediate impact – three up, three down, assisted by great catching by under 16 player Kiara Newman and the ever agile Lisa Yancic.

Good pitching and fielding by Miegel and Dana Valcic and Kylie Todd restricted the strong Roadies line up to just three runs in their second innings.

Under 16 player Porscha Shepperd led the way for Shields in their second innings, getting a safe hit away to left field.

Good fielding by all Roadrunners players enabled them to keep Shields scoreless.

Elisa Heath, in her first game back from injury, showed she still has plenty of skill at first base.

The third Roadrunners innings was a run fest, with the highlight being a right field home run by Lisa Yancic, closely followed by triple bag hits to Katie Allen and Jess Cave.

New catcher Shannon Atkins also got into the big hitting act, smashing a double bagger to left field.

All up Roadrunners scored 13 runs, taking their game tally to 20.

Shields’ last dig was their best, with a massive triple-bagger by Kaidy Morgan showing the way.

Heather Lawson and Porsha Shepperd also had safe hits and Shields’ last innings saw them score four runs.

Best at bat: Roadrunners: Lisa Yancic (three from four, one home run), Katie Allen (four from four), Winnie Hill (four from four); Shields:  Porscha Shepperd (two from two)

Best in field: Roadrunners; Jess Cave (two strike outs), Elisa Heath (four outs); Shields: Danielle Miegel (four strike outs), Porscha Shepperd (two outs).