Letters to the editor

Two local heroes

“Our heroes” Hecla and Kevin Hirchausen.

All our lives these two people have influenced us in many ways.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories “Ol Kev” and Hecla


Louth Bay

Teaching to steal

My son was down the beach on Monday and a child ran up to where he was sunbaking and stole his brand new goggles.

My son had to run to catch the child and when he got to the kids parent they told him to "piss off" as they are his son’s goggles.

The parent has now taught the child to steal. 

A woman came up to my son and said that what was done was wrong.

This is why our children and teenagers are out of control because they are taught so.

That is why the problem will perpetuate forever.

Get used to it everybody.


Port Lincoln

What next?

Further evidence of the lack of respect some have for our hard earned tax dollars is provided by the article, Put lost yacht on display, in last weeks Sunday Mail.

At a cost of at least $10,000 just to salvage the yacht, it has been suggested by the American owners and even the local MP, Leon Bignell, to then put the vessel on display at American River.

Mounting the yacht, readying it for display, providing interpretative signage and associated landscaping would conservatively add a minimum of $50,000 to the overall costs.

Breaking this idea down to common sense language reveals the proposal as simply collecting a piece of junk and putting it on display.

Providing support for such ridiculous expenditure cannot be sustained, and should not even be considered or suggested, particularly when SA's net debt is $4.9billion.

Frivolous spending on non essential items should be stopped so that essential services and programmes can be funded responsibly.

Our newly elected government needs to continue to prioritise spending, focus on essential services, eliminate wasteful expenditure and develop and introduce budgets which are financially responsible.

Our current deficit can only be reduced or eliminated, by reining in expenditure or further increasing taxes, rates, levies and charges.

Long suffering taxpayers would much prefer the former, and insist that our government lived within their means.



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Web words

Port Lincoln Red Cross unveiled new beach matting and a floating wheelchair to help people with disabilities access the local beach.

Well done Janet,two years in the making.That is going to make a lot of children and adults happy to use our beautiful beach.


Fantastic! How lovely for that lady to be able to swim again after all those years!


Wow how wonderful is this. A big congratulations to all concerned in making this happen and to Liz for taking part in the exercise you look so pleased.


This is brilliant, there should be access for everyone.