Blessed life on the farm at ‘Korinya’

I am the fourth of five kids in between two boys. I blame and am grateful for them making me the ‘tomboy’ and goer I am. I was born in Mount Compass on a dairy farm and then lived in the township with mum and dad owning a butcher shop. At five-years-old I was a “towny kid” in sleepy little Truro. My childhood involved coming home from school in winter to mum with open arms, pumpkin soup and muffins. We rode bikes around town, rowed our dilapidated boat in the creek behind our house, trekked through scrub and rode motorbikes.

Saturday was sports with the family and Sundays were filled with church, friends and food. I went to Nuriootpa High School which was a big change coming from a primary school of about 40 students. In year 10 music and singing was my saving grace and I was part of a great school band. Often my brothers and I would find every dirt road leading to school and arrive late with mud up the vehicle’s sides. At 16 I convinced my parents high school was not for me and I went to Longreach Agriculture College for a horsmanship course, which I did not complete due to a freak accident where my young breaker kicked me in the face and broke my nose. At 17 I drove my sick, sorry self back to Truro to my parents’.

My nomadic ways continued; completing year 12 in the Barossa while working in the vineyards, jillarooing at Longreach, roustabouting in the south east and saving money at Clipsal. I enjoy agriculture, the adventures to have and people to meet. During this period my brothers and I visited the Eyre Peninsula for the Thuruna Christain Easter camp. I met some of my closest friends and husband-to-be Scott Mickan. In the first semester of a Bachelor of Agriculture Scott proposed. I was so in love and excited that the Bachelor of Ag had no chance. I moved to Tumby Bay to be closer to Scott and worked at Landmark as a merch girl. I met great locals and had a steep learning curve about cropping.

We married in 2005 and I moved to Scott’s family farm ‘Korinya’ west of Cummins. I always helped Scott before and after work but after about six months of driving over the Tumby hills I was on the farm full time. We’ve been blessed with five kids, our first daughter Klancy was full term still-born in our early years of marriage. During this time I learned what an amazing community I lived in, the love and support from people I was close to and those I hardly knew was astonishing. Missie, Hadassah, Evie and Nehemiah arrived safely and are the joys of our lives.

On the farm I’d check stock, pull lambs or calves, drive the seeder or header with a baby on my lap and children in tow. These days my passions are my family and working alongside my husband Scott. We home-educate our children and give them a passion for life. We homestead, which means we grow most of our own food.

We’ve begun a new business called Korinya Farm Gate, an on-farm boutique raw butcher shop processing and selling holistic pasture-raised meat. We also run sustainable living workshops to provide skills from cheese making to natural body care. We are blessed to live in this beautiful place and strive to be the best stewards we can for our kids and the little piece of creation God has given us.