Heritage trail planted by Bedford

Bedford Group teamed up with Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula last year for a planting project along the heritage trail in Port Lincoln.

The project was made possible through the federal government’s Landcare funding program. 

Five hundred native species were planted by Bedford Group’s employees and other clients who are not employed but are involved in day activities and services. 

Species including correa, saltbush, knobby club rush and pigface were propagated in February last year and planted along the trail.

Bedford’s chief executive officer Maggie Dowling said the planting day, which occurred in springtime last year, was a chance for employees and other clients to integrate and come together on a single project. 

“The whole project was fantastic,” she said. 

“It gave our people a strong purpose.

“These programs are vital for us, because we don’t always get the funding for these sorts of projects.”

Ms Dowling said it was great to work with grant funding from Natural Resources and through the Landcare program for a broader social and economic benefit.

She said seeing their project planted in the open community was great for participants’ social learning and capacity building.

“It’s something people will walk past everyday,” she said. 

“Their skills, confidence and pride grew along with these plants.”