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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Visitor’s praise

As a cruise ship visitor for the second time in three years I want to say back onboard the discussion of Port Lincoln was in full force.

You might like to give yourselves a pat on the back. 

We found you very kind, professional and uplifting.

Personally I loved chatting with the president of the quilting group.

Thank you all you lovely people and I mean all.



Australia Day your way

It has been said that a people without the knowledge and respect of their past history, origin and culture, is much like a tree without roots.

With history being a series of events and practices from the past, which were the accepted norm for that time and place, it is not up to society to make judgements and apportion blame to those living today, for the actions of others from a bygone era.

Each of us have the responsibility to remember, acknowledge and learn from history, so that we can all move forward and work at creating an Australian society which reflects respect, fairness, trust, integrity, change and adaptability.

With Australia Day coming, debate will rage about the pros and cons of the reason and purpose for celebrating, what is actually a significant day in our great countries history.

In our democratic society, where free speech is a fundamental right, the viewpoints expressed by each of the opposing groups  should reflect mutual respect and acceptance, rather than an opportunity for acrimony, hate and divisiveness.

It should be remembered at this time that the preservation of one's culture does not require contempt or disrespect for another's culture.

On Australia Day, whichever way you acknowledge it, allow others to exercise their choice.



Vanishing parcel

On December 14 I posted a parcel from the post office at Streaky Bay.

The parcel has never arrived and despite the fact that I inquired at the post office and produced the invoice showing the date it had been posted. 

I was given a phone number to call which I did but to no avail.

My call has not been returned.

It appears the parcel has disappeared.

I will never post a parcel again.


Port Lincoln

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