Adventurous from the beginning

I was born in Perth in 1986 and spent my childhood living in a total of eight different towns. At the age of two my mother packed us up and decided to start a new life at Port Macquarie, NSW. I lived there until I was six, and then we moved to a small rural farm in Walcha. We lived there for roughly three years and we spent our days swimming in the river behind our house rain, hail or shine. 

Coming from a large family of six children, and no TV reception, we relied on swimming, the company of each other and our imagination. After three years it was time for a change of scenery, so we moved to Uralla. We lived there for about two years, but it was soon time to go and we bought a caravan park outside of Coffs Harbour. We loved the lifestyle, spending days playing with the holidaying children in the park and swimming in the river behind the park, as well as sneaking food from the canteen for us and our friends. Suddenly we were popular!

A few years later we packed up and moved to Perth. Mum soon got itchy feet and when I was 16 she bought a house in Lock. I did a bit of schooling here and met my partner Dylon Kay, a local farmer. We had our first son Jackson in 2007, followed closely by our daughter Georgia in 2008. In 2011 we had our youngest child Hunter. When Hunter was two I decided that it was time to start planning my own future as the kids were growing so quickly!

I enrolled into a Bachelor of Nursing degree, which I’m still doing. This has been a real struggle as I barely finished year 10 and had never done an academic essay before, but sometimes the best way to learn is to be thrown into the deep end! You either sink or swim. My swim through some of it hasn’t been pretty, but I’ve got to the other side. I hope to finish mid 2020.

Everyone has been supportive of my nursing degree and without all their help and support I wouldn’t have made it this far. Silly of them really, because I don’t think they’ve stopped to think that I’ll be their nurse one day. In 2017 the children were curious as to where I spent my childhood, so we packed up our camper and took them to every place that I grew up in NSW. I still think it was the best family holiday to date and the kids absolutely loved it.

We had a few little hiccups on our adventure and ended up bogged in a rainforest in a ditch with zero phone reception and heavy rain. We found enough phone reception and managed to give the emergency services a call, and they found us via our GPS coordinates at midnight. We hiked out of that forest barefoot, via the help of police search and rescue. How embarrassing. Leeches, rocks, mud etc. I’ve never let Dylon live it down. When we got home our poor camper was done, it was time for a new one so last year I decided that if I wanted a new one, I had to get a job.

So I signed up for Viterra, gave myself the title of “Miss Murdinga” and got the job as the Murdinga grid attendant (I’ve since learnt that the classifying job is probably a better option) and set off for a long hot, dusty, itchy summer job. It was a lot of fun and I met some lovely people, and even forced my boss to make ‘Miss Murdinga’ a big deal. I’m expecting that I will soon be silo art. Surprisingly I managed to save enough to purchase a new camper. Now to start planning our next camping trip.