Squaws tight in field

HIT: Beck Kemp batting for Squaws in the B grade at the weekend.
HIT: Beck Kemp batting for Squaws in the B grade at the weekend.

Port Lincoln softball

BATTER: Katie Wells batting for Eagles in the B grade against Roadrunners.

BATTER: Katie Wells batting for Eagles in the B grade against Roadrunners.


Squaws def Shields 15-1

Shields were first to bat but were unable to score with Squaws’ infield making quick outs including a double play.

Squaws opened with six from patient batting and safe hits including a three-bagger to Shyane McDonald and two two-baggers to Alana Jantke and Karen Hardy.

Shields’ second bat was short with balls in the field but the outs were made and no runs crossed.

Squaws’ crossed one run in their second bat.

The Tiger ladies put bat to ball at the top of the third but Squaws’ tight infield meant no runs were scored.

Squaws next bat was a mix of safe hits and errors which allowed three to cross the plate.

Shields hit the ball cleanly but the outs were made without a score. 

Squaws opened their fourth with a corker leftfield home run to Kimberley Simes followed by three quick outs.

Melissa Balek opened Shields’ last bat with a leftfield two-bagger and her team brought her home for the only run scored.

Squaws added four more to their tally in their last bat. Jennie-Lee Te Wano and Shyane McDonald hit a two-bagger each. 

Best with bat: Squaws: Shyane McDonald, Jennie-Lee TeWano (four from four); Shields: Holley Shepperd, Melissa Balek (one from two). Best in field: Squaws: Jennie-Lee TeWano (three assists, two outs) Alana Jantke (four outs, one assist). Shields: Tara Welsh (two strikeouts, four outs).

Roadrunners def Eagles 9-5

Eagles opened the game, grabbing one run before outs were made.

Roadies opened with a three-bagger to Tessa Rusden to centrefield and she crossed the only run for the dig. Eagles’ second bat was short with three consecutive outs.

Errors in the field, a three-bagger to Lisa Yancic and two-bagger to Charmaine Cross gave Roadies three for the dig.

Eagles’ score went up as Koren Jenkins hammered out a centrefield home run.

Roadies crossed three runs in their third bat including a three-bagger hit to Katie Allen.

The only run for Eagles in the fourth came from Shenice Wells who hit a corker home run to centrefield.

Roadies had balls in the field in their fourth bat but Eagles kept it tight and got the outs with no runs scored. Consecutive outs made in the field meant no runs for Eagles in their dig.

Airlie O’Brien smashed a three-bagger in Roadies last bat, they crossed two runs to finish the dig.

In the last bat of the game, Eagles crossed another two runs before time and game were called.

Best with bat: Roadrunners: Jess Jolly, Charmaine Cross (three from three); Eagles: Shenice Wells, Koren Jenkins (two from three). Best in field: Roadrunners: Jess Jolly (four strikeouts, three assists, one out); Eagles: Hayley Wiseman (three strikeouts, four assists, one out).


Squaws def Shields 11-8

The Tigers opened the game but Squaws made three quick outs including a double play.

Squaws crossed four runs with smart batting and Shields repaid the favour with a double play of their own to get the outs.

Shields took the lead crossing seven runs thanks to safe hits and a good eye for taking the walks.

All of Squaws’ batters faced the pitcher in their second bat and they crossed five, including a three-bagger to Kayla Perry, before Shields made the outs.

Shields added another run to their tally with another double play to the tight Squaws’ infielders.

Squaws had the last bat and picked up two runs before Shields made the outs to finish the game.

Best with bat: Squaws: Kayla Perry, Claire Norsworthy (two from three); Shields: Heather Lawson (two from two). Best in field: Squaws: Tianna Boyce (three assists, two outs); Shields: Stacey Smith (five assists, one strikeout).

Eagles def Roadrunners 14-10

Eagles were first to bat and scored two runs before taking the field.

Roadies opened their game with five including a two-bagger hit to leftfield by Donna Bowey before Eagles made the outs. Eagles added another two before Roadies’ infield made the outs.

Roadies’ second bat was a mixture of a good eye and safe hits and they gained another three before Eagles’ infield took charge.

Eagles put bat to ball in this dig moving their runners around the bases with safe hitting and smart base running to score 10 runs before going back out in the field.

Roadies came out for the last time with Shannon Atkins smacking a lovely three-bagger to centrefield, adding two runs.

A new innings started with Eagles coming out and crossing six runs with scores reverting due to time and game being called.

Best at bat: Eagles: Quinisha Skinn, Tyra Skinn, Melinda Miskin, Rikki-Lee Makuch, Katie Wells, Eliza Jacob (all three from four); Roadrunners: Shannon Atkins, Donna Bowey (three from three).


Squaws def Shields 8-3

Shields started in the batting box with Airlie O’Brien getting on base but she was unable to progress the diamond with three quick outs made.

Squaws stood tall picking up walks and stealing the bases crossing three runs before the outs were made.

Shields collected themselves three runs to even the game with a mixture of safe hits, walks and errors in the field before Squaws knuckled down and got the outs needed.

Squaws all faced the pitcher in their second bat and smart batting allowed them to cross five before outs made in the field.

Porsha Shepperd started strong with a two-bagger hit to centrefield for Shields, followed by a two-bagger to Tahlia Weir and another safe hit crossing one run before the field tightened and took the outs.

Squaws came in for their last bat and picked well, taking walks and swinging hard, grabbing themselves another five runs before time and game.

Best with bat: Squaws: Kia Bascomb (two from three); Shields: Porscha Shepperd, Tahlia Weir, Anna Morgan and Eliza Hartwich (one from two). Best in fields: Squaws: Tygh TeWano (three assist, one out); Shields: Porscha Shepperd (two strikeouts, one assist, one out).

Roadrunners def Eagles 12-3

Eagles started with the bat and grabbed three runs including a corker home run to rightfield to Billie Jenkins before outs were made.

Roadies crossed five with a mixture of safe hits and a good eye in the batter’s box.

Eagles got runners on bases but could not get them around the diamond before outs were made.

Roadies’ batters all faced the pitcher and crossed the maximum seven runs with safe hitting and well watched balls.

Airlie O’Brien grabbed herself a nice three-bagger in the dig.

But Eagles were not done and followed suit scoring the maximum seven runs with all batters having a crack. Shenice Wells smacked a lovely home run.

Roadies added two runs before time and game were called.

Best at bat: Eagles: Eliza Jacob, Billie Jenkins and Shenice Wells (two from three), Katie Wells (two from two); Roadrunners: Airlie O’Brien (three from three). Best in field: Eagles: Katie Wells (two strikeouts), Eliza Jacob (one strikeout, one assist); Roadrunners: Charlee Watt (two assists, two outs).