Wudinna Area School student Shannon Sparrow recognised in Makers Empire Awards

Wudinna Area School’s Shannon Sparrow was named a runner-up in the inaugural Makers Empire Awards for 2018.

The awards were based on the use of Makers Empire’s 3D design software during 2018, with Shannon finishing as a runner-up in the category for creator of the most played maze.

Her ‘Rainbow Mazee’ was accessed and played a total of 15,108 times by fellow students utilising the Makers Empire’s program, behind the winner which had 15,841 runs.

Wudinna Area School year 2/3 teacher Myfanwy Spencer-Smith – along with year 5/6 teacher Veronica Sampson – has been heavily involved with the school’s use of 3D printing software and said it was great to see it being recognised in this way.

“It is amazing to see, Shannon has done really well,” she said.

“The kids love the software, they love using the 3D printer and it is great to see that their creativity is being recognised.”

Ms Spencer-Smith said the maze design was created online with the Makers Empire software, using the same concepts as if it were 3D printed.

She said the use of 3D printing would continue to grow at the school this year.

“The two 3D printers will continue to be embedded in the curriculum that Veronica and I use,” Ms Spencer-Smith said.

“We are also training other staff members to use it more.

“The kids love learning new skills on the software and the teachers are enjoying using it too.”

Makers Empire’s 3D design software is used to create more than 15,000 3D designs every day, with students across the world contributing to create more than 4.5 million 3D designs.

Director of learning at Makers Empire Mandi Dimitriadis congratulated all award winners.

“The winning students, classes and schools have demonstrated their strong skills in identifying problems, visualising solutions and designing new and improved ways of doing things,” she said.

“These skills and attitudes will help our students to be successful in the future.

“The world needs people who can think outside the square, create and innovate.”

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