Chasing and capturing all my passions

My name is Shelby Fraser, I am 24-years-old, born in Portland Victoria. I am the fifth generation of my mother’s family born in Portland, my family members are my father Peter Fraser (from Terang Victoria), my mother Sharon Brecely (from Portland) and my sister Sarah who was four-years-old when I came to fill their lives with adventure. My parents have worked for Portland Alcoa for the past 30 years, my mum still works there in the pot-rooms but sadly my dad spent the past 12 months battling cancer and unfortunately took his last breath on January 28, 2019 and has left a big hole in our lives.

So about me; growing up I made my family’s life eventful, with tinkering and dismantling things such as old cars, small and stationary engines, then Dad and I would put them back together out in the shed or yard. I really walk in my father’s footsteps in the same interests he had (they call me his shadow).  I loved getting into everything including the very top cupboards in the kitchen for mum’s film cameras and this is where my passion for photography started which was when I was very young, around four-years-old. I also enjoyed while growing up riding motor bikes and driving our homemade mini car around the paddocks.

My career has included working in restaurants, bars and hotels, mechanic, wool classing and other agriculture work.  My passion for photography was always there, and now I have my own photography business, Avago Rural Photography, which I have done professionally for the past four years.

My photography has inspired me to travel to various countries and see a big part of the country I love in my 10 foot 1976 Millard York caravan with two of my dogs Poppy and Braxton. While trying to get good shots I’ve fallen down a waterfall, tripped in boar holes and fell in mud but thankfully my cameras were okay (mostly), all part of the job I love.  My photos have featured in various magazines such as Lions Australia and Big Rigs, catalogues, newsletters, calendars and newspapers.

My biggest passion about photography is capturing the real life of the agricultural world, animals and pet portraits. I have been fortunate to be able to improve my photography skills while working in the agricultural industry and volunteering my time with various charity organizations such as Black Dog rides, Need for Feed disaster relief hay runs, RSPCA as I get much pleasure in helping others in need.

Whilst working in the shearing sheds doing jobs I love I met a young shearer, Toby Fredrickson who enjoys and is passionate about the shearing and wool industry as much as I do. He was born in Tumby Bay and has shared what makes him so passionate about the area which is how I also became passionate about the area and I’ve started to build my future here with him and our fur babies. Since being on the Eyre Peninsula I have re-joined the Lions Club which I was involved with in Victoria, I have also joined the Port Lincoln Camera Club and volunteer at the RSPCA shelter in Port Lincoln.

My other passions are my variety of pets, which includes at this stage five cats and five dogs. I have been showing Chinese crested dogs with my mum since I was about seven-years-old. I have also been involved with wildlife rescue and fostering homeless cats and dogs.