Cummins Railway Triangle toilets enhancement

The international award winning Cummins Railway Triangle toilet block has added more artworks to help enhance the building further for visitors and locals alike.

About 30 people gathered for official opening on Tuesday of the four new ‘windows’ and mural.

Cummins Mosaic Group began working on the project in 2014, with the latest project taking about 10 months to put together.

Mosaic group member Wendy Holman said the group was not done and hoped to add a climbing rose and a ‘door’ in upcoming months.

“We are really excited as its becoming quite well known,” she said.

“We wanted to show the history links and the strength of railway, while recognising the role of trains and how they opened up so much in the District.”

Mrs Holman said after they added a few more things the group would possibly look at other projects in the area, as they had done with the hospital and aged care garden.

She also said Rosii Pedler and Jane Andrew were instrumental in the vision and design of the block.

Last year the toilet block won the Best Economic Contributor at the 2018 International Toilet Tourism Awards, which saw entries from around the world.

Local artist James Peddler painted the man, who does not depict anyone in Cummins, and the train to represent the town’s strong railway history.

He said he was always honoured to paint a mural but it was extra special when it was an opportunity to paint so publicly in his hometown.

“I painted mostly on the weekends and people would always want to have a chat, but i’d say only one third of those were locals,” he said.

“People were coming from all over and stopping before continuing on, so it’s a huge thing for the community and I’m honoured to be a small part of it.”

Mr Pedler said the mural took about three days to complete.