Roadies keep Shields scoreless


Roadies def Shields 25 - 0

Shields started with the bat but their first three batters were quickly retired.

Roadies took control of the game early bagging themselves six runs in the first innings with a bomber home run hammered to centre field by Brooke Neindorf.

Jodi Bellchambers hit a safe hit in Shields next bat before Roadies shut them down.

Roadies scored a massive 19 runs and Shields finally managed to make the outs to get back into the batter’s box.

Unfortunately Shields ran out of steam in their final bat and did not manage to score. Cammy Grantham and Heather Lawson were the only two batters to hit safe.

Squaws def Eagles 7 - 2

Eagles’ Sam Higgins rocketed one to left field scoring the only run for the innings but the field was too strong for Squaws who were returned to the bench with only Alana Jantke hitting safe.

Eagles returned to the batter’s box having no luck hitting through the Squaws defence.

Squaws only got one run in their second bat, a double base hit to Karen Hardy. Eagles also only scored one run.

Jantke hit another solid one for Squaws whose run was scored by Claire Norsworthy. The Eagles' field held Squaws tight before sending them back to the field.

Eagles held tight with sensational pitching from Hayley Wiseman allowing the field to make the three outs.

Eagles hit the batter’s box again but Jantke was too strong and the girls could not add to their tally.

Squaws scored three runs from Ella Blewit, Jacinta Packer and Kimberly Simes. Eagles tried but failed to score.

Squaws finished strong adding two runs by Karen Hardy and Livinia Kerley.

In Eagles' last bat their batters were all retired.


Roadies def Shields 26 - 1

Roadrunners scored 13 including a home run to Shannon Atkins in their first bat.

Shields started slow in the batter’s box with two safe hits but no runs scored.

Shields held tight in the field only allowing Roadies to cross three runs, including another Shannon Atkins home run.

Shields went to work with the bat but only managed to cross one run.

Roadies’ Carlie Hutchens had a cracker hit to centerfield scoring herself a home run and Donna Bowey smashed a homer to left field.

During Shields’ next bat Hutchens pitched outstandingly, getting three strikeouts for Roadies to send Shields back to the field.

Roadies’ only scored four runs taking their total to 26. Shields went back into bat but failed to score.

Squaws def Eagles 19 - 4

Squaws scored seven in the first innings with a home run to Shyane McDonald.

Eagles were retired quickly with the first three batters hitting to fielders.

Squaws’ Tianna Boyce and Claire Norsworthy both smashed home runs.

Eagles finally got the three outs and went in to bat but it was short lived.

Squaws were up to bat again scoring another four runs with another home run to Shyane McDonald.

Eagles came back to the batter’s box crossing three runs with a home run to Sarah Laube before Squaws made the outs.

Eagles rallied together only allowing Squaws to cross one more run. 

Eagles star Katie Wells hit a home run before time ran out.


Roadies def Shields 14 – 9

Shields scored four runs in their first innings with solid batting by Tanisha Kilpatrick, Skye and Thalia Weir.

Safe hits by Airlie O’Brien and Charlee Watt and a two base hit from Jess Woolford helped Roadies cross seven runs to see side away.

The Tiger Cubs added five runs with only one batter using their bat before the Roadies made the outs.

Roadies managed to score seven runs with a home run to Siann Cross and a two base hit to O’Brien.

Shields got their first four batters on base with safe hits to Weir and Porsha Shepherd before time and game.

Eagles def Squaws 13 - 9

Squaws started with the bat but only scored one run.

Eagles scored seven before side away with great batting by Eliza Jacob, Laura Miskin and Billie Jenkins.

Squaws were retired to the bench in their second bat by Eagles’ great fielding. 

Eagles added five runs to their score in their second bat but Acacia Boyce’s pitching was too strong and sent Eagles back to the field.

Squaws added five runs, Cate Pearce and Tygh TeWano hitting safe before being forced back to the field.

Eagles turn with the bat was short lived with only two safe hits for the dig.

Squaws added three runs with safe hits to Kia Bascomb and Callan Rutherford.

Squaws returned to the field with first-time pitcher Ella Simpson keeping Eagles scoreless.