Cummins Ramblers looks forward to centenary year

Cummins Rambler Football Club is inviting past players and club members together for a big celebration as it celebrates 100 years in 2019.

The football club has organised a weekend of centenary celebrations from July 26 to 28.

The celebrations are about two years in the making as club gets ready to welcome former club members and sharing of the club's history.

Centenary subcommittee member Simon Pedler said the subcommittee began about two years ago with meetings once every three months at the beginning, but as the date came closer they had met once a month.

He said there had been a lot of enthusiasm for the centenary celebrations and the word was spreading.

"I think it's getting out there, which is what we wanted," he said.

"It's amazing how many stories we're hearing of people who had been involved in the club who ware looking forward to coming back."

Events will begin on Friday, July 26 with a formal dinner at the Ramblers clubrooms.

The following day will see Ramblers take on Cummins Kapinnie in a centenary match followed by tea and presentations at the clubrooms, including the auction of centenary guernseys.

Celebrations will conclude with a family fun day at the clubrooms as well as the launch of a history book. 

Mr Pedler said others who had been involved in the club who had not expressed their interest to attend could still do so.

People can find out more by visiting the Cummins Rambler Football Club 100 Year Celebrations Facebook page or emailing

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