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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au

Lung cancer support needed

To Jo and Alex Utting, congratulations on your fundraising for the Australian Lung Foundation.

A job well done. 

As a throat cancer survivor myself at this stage, it is disgusting to note that there is very little financial help from federal and state governments due to being so-called ‘smoking related’ and yet these same political parties are quite happy to collect tobacco product’s revenue.

What happens to all this money which must be in the high millions? 

Is this the same as the road tax in to general revenue and wasted on other less material things?

It is about time all politicians woke up and looked at what the voters struggle with particularly in the health areas.

It is disgusting how us the voters are treated particularly when we see what goes overseas in financial aid, but get nothing back in return.

The Cancer Foundation itself does a remarkable job. 

Thanks to all the volunteers and financial contributors, but we certainly need more than that.

To all politicians have some empathy and lift your game because one day it could be you. 


Port Lincoln

No mention of local railway

I noticed a full page advertisement in the Port Lincoln Times (February 14), spruiking the line “Building Our Future” and going on to talk about investing in rail upgrades in SA.

 I can find no mention of any Eyre Peninsula (EP) rail system upgrade.

 The EP rail system was constructed in the early days of settlement of Eyre Peninsula.

It is used for transporting grain from town silos to Port Lincoln for shipping.

We are told that it is likely to be closed down in May 2019 and that all grain will then be transported by road trains.

This seems like a pretty stupid idea to me.

The system has been “privatised” with Genesee and Wyoming, and Viterra seeming to have control.

They don’t care if the roads crumble under the greatly increased loads they will be exposed to when the rail system closes.

They don’t have to maintain the roads.

Why not upgrade and modernise the rail system to standard gauge?

Connect to Whyalla?

Connect to proposed new deep sea ports on the peninsula?

Shutting it down would be a giant leap backwards.


Port Lincoln

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