Champion running as The Greens' Grey candidate

CANDIDATE: Candace Champion from Port Augusta is running as the Greens candidate for Grey.
CANDIDATE: Candace Champion from Port Augusta is running as the Greens candidate for Grey.

Protecting the Great Australian Bight and preventing nuclear waste storage on the Eyre Peninsula are two of the issues Candace Champion has her eyes on as The Greens cadidate for Grey.

Ms Champion, an Aboriginal woman of Adnyamathanha, Kuyani, Mirning and Kupana descent launched her campaign at Central Oval in Port Augusta on February 16.

She said she was inspired to run for government by looking at the many issues faced by her family, friends, country, communities, church and society.

"These are the underlying reasons for my drive, determination and willingness to run for government," she said.

"By running for the seat of Grey I hope to achieve real advocacy, I will advocate for equality, justice and change.

"The Greens are a party born from grassroots democracy and, with them I will do all that I can to create positive change, outcomes and solutions for the people of Grey."

Priorities for Ms Champion include Aboriginal health care and working to Close the Gap, employment opportunities and social justice and equality for all people.

Ms Champion said another big priority was opposing seismic testing, exploration and oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

"I applaud Port Lincoln and other West Coast councils, communities and people for their courage and action in opposition to oil drilling in the Bight," she said.

"The Great Australian Bight is full of life and to put these lifeforms and environments at risk would be poor custodianship on our part."

Ms Champion said she also stood with those who opposed a nuclear waste storage facility at Kimba and in the Flinders Ranges.

"Transporting nuclear waste across the country and dumping it in SA cannot be an option for the Federal government and I will work with my local community to ensure this does not happen," she said.

"The risks of storing nuclear waste are countless, an attempt to mitigate these risks would require long term management."

The Greens have come out against the use of the Cashless Welfare Card in Ceduna and Ms Champion has echoed this stance.

She said evidence showed this form of compulsory income management did not work.

"Instead we should be properly funding existing services and turning our attention to the underlying causes of alcohol and drug abuse, which the government claims these trials are about," she said.

Ms Champion joins Liberal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey and Centre Alliance candidate Andrea Broadfoot.