City should be embracing development

COMMUNITY opinion was divided back in 2015 when plans were being submitted for two five-storey apartment buildings on Tasman Terrace.

At the time developers and real estate agents said the buildings would cater to the growing inner-city living trend.

However both buildings, one at 104 Tasman Terrace and the other at the opposite end of Tasman Terrace near the Pier Hotel have failed to attract sufficient interest to go ahead. 

Now the apartment building planned for 104 Tasman Terrace has been shelved and the development application has now lapsed.

Instead property owners Jill Coates (pictured) and her husband Michael are now planning to renovate the existing building into two luxury apartments that embrace the building's art deco heritage. 

At the time of the application and approvals the city's opinion was split.

Some thought the developments were a step forward for Port Lincoln and certainly would have provided inner-city living which is in short supply.

The plans also caused controversy as the five-story buildings were at odds with a building height plan which was introduced in 2010 and includes a three-story limit for the town centre zone with development up to five storeys “in key locations such as on corners, along principal routes and at the end of vistas”.

These were significant development proposals for Port Lincoln, and indicated some confidence in the city as a potential investment location.

However a few years on and interest in the developments has waned to the point where the Coates' have come up with another plan for their foreshore property. 

While the plan won't be the multi-level living the original development promised it will still provide the city with something it needs.

It is impossible to predict whether there was ever or will ever be sufficient interest in apartment living for a five-storey development to succeed.

But as a city we ought to be encouraging development or we risk not being considered at all.