Undermanned Saints win

SAFE: Saints' Mal Munro makes it home safe as Indians' catcher Rhys Cummings leaps to catch the ball thrown to home.
SAFE: Saints' Mal Munro makes it home safe as Indians' catcher Rhys Cummings leaps to catch the ball thrown to home.

An undermanned Saints B grade team won their way into the grand final.

Saints, the minor round premiers, were only able to field the required minimum of seven players.

They were matched up against Indians who began the game with the bat, starting with a safe hit from James Regan.

Regan was played out on a force to second base on Rhys Cummings's hit.

Semmner and Campain batted safely taking advantage of Saints' infield playing deep and with a lonely outfielder in Jake Lever.

Two runs were scored for Indians before Bryant was played out at first base and Saints' pitcher Chris Hester was able to strike out batter Mitchel for side away.

Saints banded together in their batting line up knowing that fielding two short would mean two automatic outs at the eighth and ninth batting spots.

Their seven batters needed to score as successfully as possible before the two last batters turn at bat.

Mal Munro hit safely to centrefield and Paul Dennis followed hitting out to the same position and this hit allowed Munro to cross the home plate for Saints' first run.

A batting spree of safe hits to the outfield followed by Jake Lever, Damon Looyestyn and Chris Hester.

Saints scored three runs for the innings to give them a slight advantage in the second dig.

Indians were not able to increase their score in the second turn at bat having three up three down.

Saints had two routine plays to first base and a strike out to pitcher Hester.

Saints began their second innings with two automatic outs and this brought Munro to the batting box to start the innings again.

Munro hit a stand up double to left field and stole to third base putting him in a positive scoring position.

Indians walked Dennis to first base which meant two experienced Saints players were on opposite sides of the diamond.

A successful trap play by Dennis to steal to second base allowed Munro to cross home plate. A safe hit to leftfield by Jake Lever allowed Dennis to score.

Indians' pitcher seemed to lose confidence after failing in the trap play and he gave Damon Looyestyn a walk to first base.

Hester batted in two runs on his safe hit to left field before side away was called.

Indians began at the top of the line-up for the third innings but the first batter was played out at first base.

Cummings was able to get in a two base hit to the outfield and then advanced to third base on Saints' infield wild throw.

Davin Bryant also hit to the outfield allowing Cummings and Kurt Semmner to score.

A fly ball to second base saw side away called on Indians with Bryant left on second base.

Saints were not able to score in their third turn at bat.

Although Liam Dennis and Munro had safe hits they were left stranded. The two automatic outs were costly when Paul Dennis was then caught out at short stop.

At the top of the fourth innings Damon Looyestyn took over from Hester on Saints' pitching mound.

This worked well for Saints as they had three up three down for the innings.

At the bottom of the fourth Saints' Jake Lever was handed first base on a hit by pitched ball and Looyestyn flied out to the pitcher.

Hester had a stand up double to centrefield and allowed Lever to score.

Although Marcus Dennis batted safely he was left stranded at second base as an automatic out saw the Saints team called side away.

Indians' James Regan was able to pick a walk to first base. Good base running allowed him to steal to second and then third base but he could not increase the score as Liam Dennis and Looyestyn combined on a tag-out at home base.

Although Looyestyn gave away two walks in this innings he had two strike outs and Indians were held scoreless.

Chief umpire Annie Jantke and base umpire Garrie Jones called time and game as Saints were ahead in the and did not require their fifth turn at bat.

Saints' best: batting a thousand: Mal Munro and Chris Hester three from three, Jake Lever two from two and a hit by pitched ball, Paul Dennis, Damon Looyestyn one hit each and a base on balls, Marcus Dennis and Liam Dennis one safe hit each.

Pitching: Chris Hester three strike outs, Damon Looyestyn three strike outs and two base on balls.

Indians' best: Rhys Cummins and Davin Bryan one by two base hit each, James Regan, Kurt Semmner and Brad Campain one hit each.

Pitching: James Regan three strike outs, two base on balls, one hit pitched.