Port Lincoln family call to end public violence

A local Aboriginal family is calling for more action in the community against violence following an assault at a Port Lincoln supermarket on Monday evening.

Jenna Richards was at the Port Lincoln Coles with two of her children when she was allegedly approached by a group of about three to four people.

At least one of the people, a woman, allegedly attacked Ms Richards with punches while her children watched and were allegedly verbally abused and pushed aside by members of the group.

A Coles staff member intervened and the group departed soon after.

After about 45 minutes Ms Richards was taken to hospital by a family member, she suffered facial lacerations and a dislocated shoulder.

Ms Richards said it was disturbing the group were willing to expose her children to violence.

"They've never been exposed to violence in their life...to be pushed away and sworn at by adults is so disturbing," she said.

"You should be able to go into a shop with your children and shop in peace."

The Richards family had already felt the affects of violence, Ms Richards' brother Tyson Richards spent two weeks in a coma and spent all of 2007 in rehab after he was knocked out in an attack.

Their mother Davina Sambo said the incident on Monday triggered that trauma again.

"Anytime there's an altercation in the community, it's something that's always at the back of your mind," she said.

"We grew up learning right from wrong, and you right the wrong and if you caused a problem, take ownership."

Ms Richards' cousin Emma Richards has expressed her concern about this and other violent incidents in the community and the impact it would have on the young generation.

She said community leaders and politicians needed to step up to do more to ensure violent incidents in the community would stop.

"How do you raise your children to be citizens in the community and then there's others who can do what they want," she said.

"Leaders in the Aboriginal community and the wider community need to say 'enough's enough', they need to be named and shamed, need to be outed and need to be punished."

Police are investigating the incident, anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.