Richard Carmody to run as Grey independent

Richard Carmody

Richard Carmody

Advocating for a job guarantee and stabilising the Australian population are among the platform for the Grey nominee running as an independent.

Richard Carmody of Whyalla, originally from Cowell has worked as a engineer and teacher across the state but is now throwing his hat into politics as a candidate for Grey.

Mr Carmody said he would have never run with one of the major parties as he was disillusioned with their policies.

One of his main policies is for a job guarantee, which would create a new sector of jobs with a yearly wage of about $40,000.

Mr Carmody said a job guarantee would help get major projects done in the region, give work to those needing a job and additional work for those not working sufficient hours.

"We're being too conservative with government spending, we can use the government's extra spending power to pay and employ people," he said.

Mr Carmody also advocates for Australia to stabilise its population and reduce growth to reduce stress on the environment and resources.

He said as cities grow to accommodate population growth it required spending on infrastructure which took attention away from the country areas.

Mr Carmody has also sworn he would only accept a $50,000 salary, the average for the Grey electorate, and donate half the remaining $150,000 to schools in the electorate.

He said this was in line with his argument that Members of Parliament should have the same pay and conditions as the average citizen.

"Some of the main (politicians) already have a lot of money to their name and want more," he said.

"To be a representative of the people, you've got to be one of the people."

Some of Mr Carmody's other policies include more renewable energy in Australia, establishing a federal corruption commission and 

Mr Carmody joins the race for the seat of Grey which includes incumbent Liberal member Rowan Ramsey, Centre Alliance's Andrea Broadfoot and The Greens' Candace Champion.

More information on Mr Carmody's policies is available on his campaign's Facebook page or online at