Survey hopes to spur change in Lower Eyre Peninsula recycling

Residents in the Lower Eyre Peninsula Council area hope a new survey will 'spur' the council to reconsider recyclable kerbside collection and address concerns on the lack of recycling options.

The Coffin Bay Progress Association created the survey to reevaluate community opinion after people expressed concerns on the lack of recycling options.

Association member Kerryn McEwan said about 150 people had responded and the association hoped it would help spur the council to reconsider kerbside collection for recyclables.

Council conducted a similar survey in 2011, but only 38 responses were received.

"We want to show the council that people are ready for kerbside collection," Ms McEwan said.

"In the short term and at the very least we don't want people to have to pay to take recyclables to waste transfer stations, particularly those that are cost mutual like glass, metals and some plastics."

The survey looked at recycling knowledge and habits, the likelihood of using a recyclable kerbside collection bin and options to subside rate increases if that was introduced.

Council's manager of corporate services Sacheen Hopewell said the association had informed council of the survey and asked for an updated cost of recycling options.

She said a response would be given after the April 15 council meeting and councillors would address the survey when the results were presented to them.

Ms McEwan said people wanted change but understandably did not want a large rate increase.

"There's been a shift in thought, with the war on waste coming to light over the last few years people want to minimise the rubbish going to landfill to see it reused," she said.

"The problem is the distance, the council covers an area from Sleaford to Louth Bay and all in between, but the economics is changing with the waste levy."

The Waste Levy charges councils $50 per tonne sent to landfill and Ms McEwan said that was incentive to readdress recycling options.

Surveys can be completed online, emailed to or hard copies can be found in community newsletters and must be received by 5pm, March 22.