Bowling clubrooms get upgrade

The Port Lincoln Bowling Club has received a grant from the Community Bank to purchase new furniture for their clubrooms. 

The grant of $34,210 provided 200 new chairs and 20 new tables for the building, which were installed just last week. 

Chris Gardner, secretary of the club, said the previous furniture was more than 50 years old.

"The whole aim of the club is to be a community centre rather than just a bowls club," she said. 

"The old ones were over 50 years old...the new tables and chairs will make the club more hire-able and open to the public.

"That's the future direction of the club." 

Phil Channon of the Port Lincoln Community Bank said every year the bank holds an annual grants session.

"We invite not for profits, sporting clubs, and interest groups to apply for a grant," he said. 

Ms Gardner helped the club successfully apply for the grant, getting confirmation in November last year. 

Mr Channon said the facility at the bowling club was up to a very good standard. 

"We believe Port Lincoln does have an ageing population, and if we can encourage more people to participate in this sport for exercise, and for the social inclusion too, then it's a great success," he said. 

"So many things I go along to now, I see things that wouldn't be there without the help of the community bank." 

President of the bowling club Rodney McDonald said the upgrade was 'long overdue'. 

"It's been long overdue, but it was out of our reach without the grant," he said. 

He said the clubrooms are able to be hired to hold events, and looked much nicer with the newer furniture. 

"Compared to the old ones, well, there's no comparison really."