Duty of all to stand up to violence

The debate on whether Port Lincoln has a violence problem needs to end.

When a mother is assaulted in a public place and in front of her children it is clear we need to make a stand.

And that is just what the Richards family has decided to do.

It would not be easy to speak about what happened on Monday night, especially given the victim, Jenna Richards, was left with a dislocated shoulder and facial lacerations but she has done just that. 

It is not the first time a member of the Richards family has been a victim of violence and there are also many other stories like this in the community. 

That is not to trivialise this particular incident, but shed light on the fact that this community seems to have a problem with violence. 

There were a number of violent incidents in Port Lincoln last year; an airport employee suffered a head injury trying to break up a fight at the airport, a man was punched in face at the Coffin Bay Hotel and a woman was charged for assaulting a man and two police officers.

And that is far from a full and comprehensive list. 

Everyone in the community, no matter what background and position in the community, deserves to feel safe in the community they live in.

As Emma Richards pointed out, what message are we sending to the children of the community when there are people who feel they could openly attack others?

We all need to take a stand against violence, report violence when we see it and make sure everyone in the community, no matter the age, knows that seeking violence against another person is wrong.

We do not want a future story in the Port Lincoln Times to feature a victim of violence, who can not tell their story because they did not survive.

The Richards family called on community leaders to do more to stop violence and set a good example in the community, but it is up to everyone including those who are seen as leaders by the community's children, parents and guardians.

Jenna Richards has taken brave steps to share the details of her alleged assault with us in today's paper.

Her and her family have been brave enough to say 'enough is enough' and we should all be saying it with them.