Peaceful plan for paddle out protest

The local Fight for the Bight group is hosting a peaceful demonstration this weekend opposing Equinor's proposed plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. 

The poster for the protest.

The poster for the protest.

Eight locals are expected to speak at the event on Sunday, March 17 ranging from school students to those in the fishing and tourism industries. 

People will then be invited to enter the water on surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards or any flotation device. 

The 'paddle out' protest will show support for the Bight, also joined by larger watercraft and fishing vessels. 

An information session will also be held after to support people to read through Equinor's Environmental Plan and lodge a submission before the deadline on March 20. 

Protest organiser Matthew Dodd said the protest was about garnering attention from the federal government. 

"We wanted to get a rally together before the environment plan deadline and this was the last weekend to do so," he said. 

"We will hopefully make enough noise so the federal government will take notice and not just dismiss us as a small town and dismiss the livelihoods of the people here.

"I just hope they'll make the right decision, that drilling doesn't have a place in the Bight.

"The tourism industry is just booming here and Port Lincoln seafood is known to be clean and fresh - just having the drilling here tarnishes that image." 

Mr Dodd said the protest was not just about the paddle out, but was also an opportunity for those sitting on the fence about the issue to gather some more information at the session after the paddle-out.