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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to olivia.barnes@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Where is closure outcry?

I am amazed at the lack of outcry following Viterra's decision to terminate its rail contract and move exclusively to road transport.

The prospect of yet more B-doubles and B-triples traversing the main streets of Cummins and Port Lincoln seems to have been met with a universal shrugging of the shoulders and a "hope" that roads will be upgraded!

I can't think of another regional town that has B-triples regularly blasting through the main shopping strip.

And where is the outrage at the loss of rail jobs? Where is the outrage that any road upgrades will be paid for by us, not Viterra? 

Not to mention that the recently replaced London Bridge now seems like a bit of a joke given it's spanning an almost defunct rail line.

And finally, where are our community leaders?


Coffin Bay

Rock hounds take care

Port Lincoln rock hound Chris King's reference (Port Lincoln Times, March 14) to the semi-precious rock amazonite reminded me of the way the mineral was mined here on the peninsula by an enthusiastic rock hound who decided that this very fragile rock could be recovered by using explosives.

He was able to reduce the exposed deposit into a mass of shattered shards which were barely recognisable and were certainly not able to be cut.

I hope that Chris's efforts at mining takes into account the very fragile characteristics of that pretty material.


Port Lincoln

Country roads need investment

Wherever I go across country SA I see neglected roads.

Not enough overtaking lanes between Keith and Naracoorte, or between Port Lincoln and Whyalla despite a looming surge in road freight.

No dual carriageway between Port Augusta and Port Wakefield nor Murray Bridge to the Victorian border.

Speed limits falling, for instance on the Sturt Highway at Nuriootpa due to safety concerns.

Victor Harbor Road duplication kicked into the long grass.

Yet interstate dual carriageways abound.

Our farmers and producers grow food, fibre, jobs and exports for our city cousins, yet we are milked as cash cows and our roads become more dangerous.

South Australia gets ripped off nationally in road funding allocation - and country South Australians even more so.

Local members may champion road improvements but country voters must amplify their voice with their Senate vote - in the states' house, designed to ensure equality between all states.


Conservative Party Senate candidate

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