Writing competition nears deadline

The Eyre Writers Competition is closing soon on March 31, with the club calling for any final submissions.  

Sponsored by the city council and several other private sponsors, this is the first year the competition has a new youth section available to submit stories to. 

First prize will be awarded with $200, and the first prize for the junior category will be $60. 

Categories for the senior competition include 'Typical Australia: The Land and the Sea' (1500 words or less) The Tom Black Memorial Award for rhyming poetry (50 line limit), and a non-rhyming poetry award (50 line limit). 

The junior competition has two categories, The Aileen Pluker short story award (1500 word limit), and the Helen van Rooijen poetry award (50 line limit). 

The competition is $5 for the senior category and $2 for the junior category to enter, and application forms can be found on the Eyre Writers website at eyrewriters.com.au.