Ladies' season underway


The Cummins Golf Club Ladies held their open day with the Dynamic Stationery Plus 12-hole ambrose on April 10.

Lady chairman Leah Carr welcomed 26 players to the course.

Carr asked 2018 captain Fiona Dahlitz to formally pin the captain badge to the 2019 captain Tiff Firth.

Firth in turn then badged the vice captain Kathy Modra.

Firth welcomed the travelling golfers, from Port Lincoln, Tumby and Coffin bays, and thanked them for coming from their green fairways to the crispy Cummins course.

Firth made special welcome to the new faces.

The club is excited to see Kerry Head, Joy Head, Lisa Tiller, Trish Habner, Holly Hill, Lindy Brook and Nicole Buddle pick up a golf stick this year.

The ladies were invited by Carr to watch Firth have the first drive of the season. She sent the ball straight down the centre of fairway.

Firth may have done a little Toyota jump of joy afterwards.

Mother Nature decided to throw four seasons in one day at the ladies.

There was a light shower of rain as play began, which became a little heavier over the first hour which brought the temperature down a bit.

Jumpers and wet weather jackets were donned and brollies went up.

Then the sun shone and dried everyone out. Then spring like conditions stayed until play finished.

Ambrose is a social game of golf where you play with up to three other partners.

You all drive off from the tee block and choose the best placed ball.

Everyone plays their ball from that spot and you keep playing the best ball until it is in the cup.

There were two teams of three and five teams of four.

There was a lot of laughter wafting over the fairways. It was wonderful to look around and see the fairways full of ladies really enjoying their day.

The vibe back at the 19th was full of good cheer as the winners were announced.

Lisa Tiller, Tracey Wooley and Kathy Modra had an amazing 48 off the stick. With their handicap taken into account that brought them back to 32.33.

Runners up were Joy Head, Kerry Head, Janet Whittaker and Liz Black with 51/34.25

Nearest the pin for division one was Kathy Modra on 12, which was duly dispatched into the cup for a birdie.

The same winning group recorded a second birdie on one. No wonder they were in the winner's circle with play like that.

NTP for division two on number 12 was Judy Holman with a long and straight drive.

Longest drive for division one was Fiona Dahlitz who sent the ball a long way along the 18th fairway.

Not to be outdone, Lisa Tiller out drove Dahlitz and popped the division two marker further along the fairway. It will not be long before Tiller's handicap comes tumbling down.

A splendid chip in by captain Firth on the 18th gave her group a birdie and they finished their day on a high.

Playing partner Barbara Feid, asked Firth to 'chip it in' from 25 metres back from the scrape, so Firth claims she just did what she was told.

Another birdie was recorded on the 17th from group Leah Carr, Lindy Brook, Karen Burgen and Leonie Richter.

Cummins is known for its wonderful hospitality and afternoon teas. The visiting ladies had time to relax before heading home.

Tomorrow is a stableford. Joyleen Pedler and Fiona Dahlitz are on tee duty.

Kathy Modra is hostess. Names in by 9.30am. If you need, you can ring it in on the club phone.