Cummins' auction raises $3000 for health facility

More than 400 items were on offer in Cummins at the Big Clearing and Sundry Auction fundraiser on Sunday in a bid to get the town a step closer to its $4-million health project goal.

The Cummins and District Enterprise Committee's Health Focus Group event at the Cummins Showgrounds aimed to raise funds to help build 10 dementia-friendly rooms at Miroma Place Hostel, as well as a doctor's residence.

About 70 buyers registered for the event and group representative Liz Mickan said while there could have been more buyers, the group and all involved were quite happy with the day's turn out.

"We raised about $3000, we were happy with that figure but we thought there were a lot of bargains to be had," she said.

"About $2300 of that was made from community donated items.

"It was a very successful day, everybody's been able to have a spring clean and transfer their treasures to someone else."

After the auction funds being added, Ms Mickan said the total figure raised for the project so far was about $253,000.

She said while there was a long way to go towards the needed amount, the group had only just begun its fundraising efforts.

"We only just started...we are investigating options with the new regional health boards," she said on future fundraising events and possible grant assistance.

"You never know we might get lucky there...we have all the evidence for need now we just have to plead our case."

Items donated included bric-a-brac, glassware, chinaware, tools and parts and vintage furniture.

Ms Mickan thanked all of the people who donated items, the Elders auctioneers, office staff and everyone who assisted in Sunday's event.

"It was an exceptional smoothly run auction," she said.