Street art proves possibilities endless

ELEVEN artists helped to paint nine surfaces around Tumby Bay for the 2019 Colour Tumby Street Art Festival held at the weekend.

Local and internationally renowned artists combined to bring street art to the small coastal town.

The Tumby Bay Progress Association is estimating thousands of locals and tourists attended the festival over the three days.

The official opening was held on the Friday evening at 'the Hub', the central place of the festival on Mortlock Street, where deputy mayor Robert Randall spoke before Rowan Ramsey, the Federal Member for Grey was invited to open the festival.

The bulk of the painting was completed on Saturday and Sunday.

Students helped artist Choq paint the Tumby Bay Area School and on Saturday night Kingswood entertained at the Soldiers Memorial Hall.

Event coordinator Virginia Holness said it was the busiest period yet for some local businesses.

"There were thousands of people coming in, it was just mind-blowing," she said.

"Numbers were higher than we expected...yesterday from 10am on you could hardly get a park."

Owner of the Tumby Bay caravan park Diana James said they were quite busy over the weekend.

"We would have easily been at 70 percent capacity," she said.

She said it was a great bonus weekend for them after summer.

The end of the festival was signified through a smoking ceremony performed by artist Vera Richards, a local Barngarla woman, at the Tumby Bay Yacht Club.

Vera Richards performs a smoking ceremony to cleanse the mural site.

The mural on the yacht club depicted her father, who was an active member of the aboriginal community on the Lower Eyre Peninsula, and has since died.

"He played a big part here in the Port Lincoln aboriginal community, and getting that up and running," she said to the crowd.

"He was an activist in his own right, he was a very qualified, very educated man...this is a healing journey for us, part of my family's healing, and part of humanity healing for all of us."

She said the smoke from the fire is intended to cleanse the area of negative energy and invite positive energy to the area.

"This is the healing for humanity as a whole to embrace one another, to put all differences aside and walk hand in hand," she said.

"If you want to walk through the smoke, that's part of it, this is cleansing and clearing bad negative energy and providing new good positive energy into your space.

"I hope that you can go back out to wherever anyone and everyone comes from, I hope they take this back with them, and I hope that they are awakened on this journey."