Colour Tumby about more than artwork

A HUGE congratulations must go to those behind the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival for another phenomenal event.

Tumby Bay was packed over the weekend, the town was a hive of activity from the artists working to the locals and visitors wandering to check out the art work in progress.

Now in its second year the festival has proven itself a success.

It is obvious that this event is a crowd-puller, as are the benefits the festival and resulting artwork bring in during and long after the festival is over.

The thousands of people who visited Tumby over the weekend shopped in local businesses and ate and drank in cafes and hotels.

The town was full and the streets were busy.

And while the streets might not stay that busy, the works painted around the town will keep bringing people in, and they will keep shopping, eating, drinking and staying in Tumby Bay, which in turn supports the local economy.

Yes, a lot of money might be spent to run the festival but when that money is returned to the community tenfold then it should be considered money well spent.

The artwork might not be to everyone's taste but one of the great things about art is that it is inclusive and oftentimes subjective - you can get out of it what you want to get out of it.

The artwork also provides a point of difference from other seaside communities and prompts travellers who would otherwise pass Tumby Bay on the highway to call in and check it out.

Maybe those visitors will only stop to look at the art but more than likely they'll have some lunch, stop at the supermarket and maybe even stay for a night or two.

Street art is growing in popularity and has made tourist destinations of many other lesser known centres and Tumby is on track to join those places.

Tumby Bay is proud of Colour Tumby and rightly so; it has breathed life into the town, boosted the local economy and has made clear the intense passion and pride residents have for their community which sets an amazing example for the town's young people.

It goes above and beyond what most people would expect to find on the Eyre Peninsula and for those who haven't visited yet it is well worth a look.